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How To Restore a Rusty Knife

Today I show you how to restore a Rusty knife. Have an antique knife that you'd like to restore to mint condition? Watch this video to learn how! You'll be amazed and incredibly satisfied when your warned down blade looks good as new! It's incredibly easy to do - and you only new a few simple everyday household items.
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  1. Skie's Life

    Skie's Life

    7 ore fa

    Frick 5 minutes craft. This is another level of live hacks

  2. cj logan

    cj logan

    7 ore fa

    Wow thanks for helping me out👍

  3. Pjetrthesapling


    7 ore fa

    omg my knife is clean now

  4. Susanna Tan

    Susanna Tan

    7 ore fa

    I don't even know he will survive at this time

  5. Pjetrthesapling


    7 ore fa

    next video: how to make a normal cook video

  6. EXTRA sauce

    EXTRA sauce

    7 ore fa

    Guys it works I tried it

  7. J H

    J H

    7 ore fa

    If HowToBasic throw a eggs, the disaster are come in vid

  8. Steven Nguyen

    Steven Nguyen

    7 ore fa

    Lost it's charm when he traveled his face.

  9. Shaker ALsalim

    Shaker ALsalim

    7 ore fa

    Oh this is a new vido

    • Shaker ALsalim

      Shaker ALsalim

      7 ore fa

      I mean video

  10. Zero Gaming YT

    Zero Gaming YT

    7 ore fa

    Didnt realize it was how to basic, i thought it was some serious kitchen thing and then i though, who tf does this

  11. Toxic Zack12

    Toxic Zack12

    7 ore fa

    first he become normal after having fun he mental more increase and become crazy trowing egg lol btw i love you vid i crazy but funny 😂😂😂

  12. 『N』『O』『O』『B』


    7 ore fa

    People who are new to this channel Will think this is legit

  13. Asad


    7 ore fa

    Actually works*

  14. Ruben Matos

    Ruben Matos

    7 ore fa

    I thought this was an actual tutorial at first. Then I saw the channel. I fell for one of the classic blunders.

  15. Azrillezi Gaming

    Azrillezi Gaming

    7 ore fa

    this is more like "how to make a sandwich while restore an old rusty knife"

    • 《Нмɒ ツвeиツ ΑlНเllα‏》

      《Нмɒ ツвeиツ ΑlНเllα‏》

      7 ore fa

      HMMM,yeah itz good title

  16. Pidgey Stardust

    Pidgey Stardust

    7 ore fa

    Instructions unclear I am now on a cow

  17. SayHi ToMe!

    SayHi ToMe!

    7 ore fa

    I followed the instruction of this video and now I am getting evicted to my house

  18. Kirill K

    Kirill K

    7 ore fa

    It looks like Russian tale about guy, who made soup from axe

  19. Aiden Lee

    Aiden Lee

    7 ore fa

    Thank you so much! Keep doing what you are doing because you are really good at being a tutorial channel!

  20. Jag .84

    Jag .84

    8 ore fa

    I think you’ve never heard of Africa

  21. Code Sniper

    Code Sniper

    8 ore fa

    This is my version of asmr

  22. Crack


    8 ore fa

    I do all steps and its work

  23. Арсений Бетономешалка

    Арсений Бетономешалка

    8 ore fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="115">1:55</a> Каша из топора

  24. Simon Zhu

    Simon Zhu

    8 ore fa

    It actually work well

  25. [GD] Ore

    [GD] Ore

    8 ore fa

    Instructions unclear, burnt down an orphanage (sorry robin)

  26. Distorted Noice

    Distorted Noice

    8 ore fa

    I was watching Clash of Clans videos and I didn't know how did I ended up here🤔🤨

  27. Koneser Chleba

    Koneser Chleba

    8 ore fa

    u are not funny anymore

  28. The Warrior Lord

    The Warrior Lord

    8 ore fa

    Funny thing is he actually restored the knife

  29. Daniels Channel

    Daniels Channel

    8 ore fa

    Oohh i hope this channelmis good cuz i need theese tips Ummm edit: oh gosh i regret everything

  30. Slicey cakey

    Slicey cakey

    8 ore fa


  31. Random boii Vids

    Random boii Vids

    8 ore fa

    For some reason my little cosin thought this was real and emptied our egg stock

  32. Neko Japan Aka Yboiyu7

    Neko Japan Aka Yboiyu7

    8 ore fa

    Instructions unclear, my house is on fire pls help

  33. Meme Liver

    Meme Liver

    8 ore fa

    Your videos are getting more normal...

  34. PilkyPi :D

    PilkyPi :D

    8 ore fa

    Well... he's not wrong

  35. VƓL·м Ꮯʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ

    VƓL·м Ꮯʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ

    8 ore fa

    what the heck XD its should how to kill you knife XD

  36. xAbdi_llahx


    8 ore fa

    i mean, He did actually teach us how to make good sauce, how to remove the rust, cook spaghetti, and make jelly so

  37. Kalana Pramod

    Kalana Pramod

    8 ore fa

  38. Vhon Paloma

    Vhon Paloma

    8 ore fa

    The video was nice. Keep up the good work😀

  39. RedBack


    8 ore fa

    We’ve seen what he can do with food, why are we giving him knives....

  40. Dęmęntør - Minecraft

    Dęmęntør - Minecraft

    8 ore fa

    He Can Fix It

  41. Ansho Development

    Ansho Development

    8 ore fa

    Omg it worked!

  42. Error3000


    8 ore fa

    I will be honest, I hate the fact that once in a while after some time of youtube not showing me that How to basic posted anything, it randomly puts his videos where they should be "subscription box" and I react like, oh some tutorial, must have forgotten about this channel, and then the feeling of "oh right I remember now" dawns on me, feels great every time

  43. Keenan Muktamar

    Keenan Muktamar

    8 ore fa

    vsauce:i have so much egg in the storage room Vsauce mom:i will make some cake

  44. hoppigdash gd

    hoppigdash gd

    8 ore fa

    This worked! :oooooo

  45. Capitan Droid

    Capitan Droid

    8 ore fa

    Che spreco di cibo assurdo..

  46. Anak Game

    Anak Game

    8 ore fa

    He Rich Bro?

  47. Jufri Playz

    Jufri Playz

    8 ore fa

    How To Basic : **Made A Mess** How To Basic : Ima Buy A new House now. Covid-19 : I will stop you right the- How To Basic : **Bought new house**

  48. GrimMo


    8 ore fa

    imagine someone actually did this and it worked

  49. MaximilianMus01


    8 ore fa

    That moment when you are home alone: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="162">2:42</a>

  50. xtreme pacito

    xtreme pacito

    8 ore fa

    Instructions unclear.

  51. Rhyz


    8 ore fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="93">1:33</a> Diarrhea moment 💩

  52. WASIF 1O1

    WASIF 1O1

    8 ore fa

    *mw seeing the video in the recomended thinking its a wierd youtube channel* *also me:realizes its how to basic Me: I think i know where is this about to go...

  53. Foxy Gamer X

    Foxy Gamer X

    8 ore fa

    It doesnt work dislike

  54. not Weebs

    not Weebs

    8 ore fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="44">0:44</a> I thought about mozzarella

  55. AverageGamingPlAyEr


    8 ore fa


  56. Bacon Hair

    Bacon Hair

    8 ore fa

    But I bought only toothbrush, toothpaste and blowtorch so I can't do this ;(

  57. Shrek


    8 ore fa

    I actually am starting to believe he is a chicken to get all those eggs

  58. Agastya Madaan

    Agastya Madaan

    8 ore fa

    Me: Wow howtobasic did not use eggs in the first minute he has changed '5 sec later' Me : good,ol same howtobasic

  59. Washy Lazuli

    Washy Lazuli

    8 ore fa

    Nobody: Salad fingers: _I like Rusty spoons_

  60. S A B E R

    S A B E R

    8 ore fa

    Nurse:*Fix wound with ice* How to basic:*Fix wound with egg*

  61. sniper waffle Gaming

    sniper waffle Gaming

    8 ore fa

    Rip those mothers who is actually half way into the tutorial thinking this is real

  62. Annoying Wizard1

    Annoying Wizard1

    9 ore fa

    I tried this and it was a total scam but anyways it taught me how to cook properly.Just got me self free dinner lesson from this how to make vid, appreciate ya✌️

    • Annoying Wizard1

      Annoying Wizard1

      8 ore fa

      Yeah I'm gonna liked my own comment

  63. Aebyn Loreno

    Aebyn Loreno

    9 ore fa

    “i told you to smile why didn't you smile” Only legends can like this

  64. Akshat vyas

    Akshat vyas

    9 ore fa

    hi vsauce

  65. Frost bluediamond

    Frost bluediamond

    9 ore fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a> that is when it Is starting to get weird

  66. Nishi Dark

    Nishi Dark

    9 ore fa

    I continew the proces and is funcionality !!! Thx

  67. Call me NOT FAKE MINI TOON


    9 ore fa

    It must hurt wasting so much money and than breaking everythinh

  68. A Random Google User

    A Random Google User

    9 ore fa

    Atleast he got the rust off...

  69. ManDaRiNGames


    9 ore fa

    Dont subscribe to this channel he is wasting food

  70. Radu Burcea

    Radu Burcea

    9 ore fa

    Not as messy as before. I think i like it like this

  71. ッXD gamer

    ッXD gamer

    9 ore fa

    This helped. Thanks you “HowToBasic” for the tutorial

  72. Mr Sandman

    Mr Sandman

    9 ore fa


  73. XDarky751


    9 ore fa

    Guys he did it, he did what he was supposed to

  74. Daffa1428


    9 ore fa

    wow i just watch the intro video your channel seems legit your channel is cool i will subscribe even this is the first time i watch your video but i just watch the start

  75. MintIsHere


    9 ore fa

    Wow he cleaned it so hard that the name of the brand changed name and position

  76. delta dubs

    delta dubs

    9 ore fa

    He finally gave a real tutorial. At last!!

  77. Oofy Dodo

    Oofy Dodo

    9 ore fa

    Poor moms thinking this was real

  78. XGAMERX 649

    XGAMERX 649

    9 ore fa

    Just put rice on it

  79. Andrive


    9 ore fa

    I tried this but it didn’t work.. help

  80. Глеб Кузнецов

    Глеб Кузнецов

    9 ore fa

    Well, it was not that bad actually...

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