Nuclear Fallout - Keemstar


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  1. h3h3Productions


    3 giorni fa

    Watch Part 1:

    • real hypedxc

      real hypedxc

      9 ore fa

      Remember that guy you defended and you just ignore him so stop using people for you can look good to save your IT-state career

    • Jaden Yuki

      Jaden Yuki

      11 ore fa

      Ethan I'm no longer to be your fan because you talk about Etika and Keemstar

    • Adrian Lacey

      Adrian Lacey

      11 ore fa


    • Mike Clark

      Mike Clark

      2 giorni fa

      Man I want that hat where can I buy it?

    • BoltaSlo


      2 giorni fa

      Why keemstar isnt blocked yet.... he is poison

  2. contron 1374

    contron 1374

    6 ore fa

    Ethan and Hila, I have been watching since my freshman year of high school. I loved watching your channel grow and laughing at all your collabs and memes. I am really glad to see the videos you are producing are still super high quality and really beat all the competition, I can't wait to see your next video and to get out of quarantine to rep teddyfresh.

  3. Cristina Ontivero

    Cristina Ontivero

    6 ore fa

    Is all of this commotion really about how awful Keem Star is or is it about one person hating another so bad that they had to make a video and involve others so they could hide behind it and point the finger. I know people will probably not agree with my view but this is on both of them. They obviously have beef but why bring all of us into it, why not deal with it one on one. I am a peaceful person I’ll be interested to see if I get any hate, come on people there is so much happening in our world, move on STOP THE HATE. CRIS.......

  4. Slayer 33321

    Slayer 33321

    6 ore fa

    Sing with me why can't we be friends why can't we be friends

  5. i amFRA

    i amFRA

    6 ore fa

    Hats off to my man Ethan, for standing up to this bully, the man that is actually ruining IT-state, Keemstar..

  6. Jose Phine

    Jose Phine

    6 ore fa

    I’m gonna comment on keems video “the IT-state community is so happy with Ethan from h3h3 right now.”

  7. AL Tech Tips

    AL Tech Tips

    6 ore fa

    Keemstar always says shits that are not even his buisnes and not even our buisnes

  8. TeslaGate


    6 ore fa

    "Someone hes criticized might harm themselves" Tell that to Shoenice

  9. William McBride

    William McBride

    6 ore fa

    The beginning of a revolution

  10. chinagreenelvis


    6 ore fa

    how's that support system working out for you also what's your address

  11. Lil Kirby

    Lil Kirby

    6 ore fa

    Honestly respect to FaZe Banks for shutting up Keem

  12. Jose Phine

    Jose Phine

    6 ore fa

    Tony’s reaction makes me so happy, my little heart can’t handle how wholesome that guy seems (:

  13. kyara . H

    kyara . H

    6 ore fa

    Bruh... This is old news wow keemstar is a bad person who knew? 😂Jeeezz cashing in on this stupid drama are we?

  14. FSU nice

    FSU nice

    6 ore fa

    I was told by my friend today that "h3h3 is a psychopath and keemstar is destroying him with facts" we are no longer friends

  15. PLAYZ


    6 ore fa

    bruh h3h3 just skipped over the part where keemstar showed messages from etika's mom and girlfriend which said how it was not keemstars fault and that etika loved keemstar and how keemstar helped etika.

  16. Aight Doe

    Aight Doe

    6 ore fa

    At the end of the day keemstar has done bad things, but how do you act like you care about mental health issues when you are negatively impacting people’s lives. Like do you not see this could cause issues for keemstar? Idk just my two fents

  17. AntiFurFag Movement

    AntiFurFag Movement

    6 ore fa

    Damn h3h3 channel went to trash over the years lmao

  18. x Rokai

    x Rokai

    6 ore fa

    Gar bitch!

  19. Beaver Fish

    Beaver Fish

    6 ore fa

    IT-state should delete his account already

  20. Anatol LaScarf

    Anatol LaScarf

    6 ore fa

    Ethan, you are definitely speaking very good points and I really appreciate you for taking the time and efforts to put these videos out.

  21. Marco Suarez

    Marco Suarez

    6 ore fa

    They both are bad people

    • Sam


      6 ore fa

      Marco Suarez true but ones a little bit Better I’m still mad at Keem for Calling Tony a pedophile with no facts whatsoever Tony is a Sweet old man so he didn’t deserve that Also Keem Said Nothing About Fousey in his First or Second Comeback Video

  22. Protolaser28


    6 ore fa

    Funny thing about Ethan's videos is that keemstar does all of the talking for him in the clips that he shows whereas in keem's reaction vid, he's just running his mouth while trying to worm his way out of this

  23. ferdinand maximuz

    ferdinand maximuz

    6 ore fa

    Ethan make a part 3 responding to keemstar's second response

  24. Protolaser28


    6 ore fa

    Keem called ethan out for being a hypocrite and taking things out of context...which is exactly what he does here

  25. Cody Green

    Cody Green

    6 ore fa

    Love the video this was very needed

  26. Michael McGrath

    Michael McGrath

    6 ore fa

    I miss the funny h3h3 skits before it was uninspired drama and arguing :(

  27. Xero


    6 ore fa

    This is the most hippocritcal Snake-man hybrid I have ever seen. It is interisting how his bubble could survive this long, I mean he survived Idubbz.



    6 ore fa

    Why would he kill himself if he wasn't a rapessst??? Ironc that a yew know who supports him...

  29. Carson B

    Carson B

    6 ore fa

    You're no better than Keemstar Ethan. Maybe worse.

  30. Zach A

    Zach A

    6 ore fa

    dude this is such a hobophobic channel

  31. Mr. Zinc

    Mr. Zinc

    6 ore fa

    Can you two talk it out like adults instead of making retarded response videos about this? I don't understand why bigger IT-staters need an audience for literally everything.

  32. Estephani Rojas

    Estephani Rojas

    6 ore fa

    Has anyone cosidered Keem himself might be manic? Or at the very least a narcissist

  33. chrisSkellz


    6 ore fa

    why did u have to make this why did you have to bring etika into this just talk it out work behind the scenes you don't need to bring keemstar down you want to. keemstar did do some things but were all people and we all make mistakes where not perfect none of us are you are not perfect either instead of bringing up old drama try talking things out?

  34. GoldenBadger


    6 ore fa

    You know who feel the urge to blame others for touching kid? Kid molesters. I would NOT be surprised if Keemstar did some jail baiting in his free time.

  35. Harry Bate

    Harry Bate

    7 ore fa

    Anyone else feeling like Keemstar is becoming Jacksfilms version of Keemstar in the video Tubenews?

  36. skeetskeetonyous


    7 ore fa

    Love you h3h3 .

  37. 3lcapitan0


    7 ore fa

    I really think keemstar is a psychopath who enjoys being responsible for peoples death.

  38. Papa Triggatonii

    Papa Triggatonii

    7 ore fa

    This is that classic 2016 saldino, good looking loser, post your junk on twitter sort of beef.

  39. Chemical Confusion

    Chemical Confusion

    7 ore fa

    Bitta respect for faze banks there, didn't think id ever say that

  40. My Lungy Hurt

    My Lungy Hurt

    7 ore fa

    Ethan Klein and his wife eat children

  41. Jyhm


    7 ore fa

    This was bad enough, but reading through some of the stories in the comments made it even worse. Keem is repulsive and sick in every way.

  42. Nutred


    7 ore fa

    I remember the Keemstar hate before in previous years. Made me unsubscribe when Content Cop came out. About 2 years later seen him on snapchat thought he changed said screw it I'll give it a shot. Never really looked into much. This comes out makes me want him off the platform. I'm a nobody, duh. That's not the point. If me, a nobody, realized these things many others will have the same feeling. Keemstar really is not deserving of his status. Makes me want to hunt him down :)

  43. Vincent Jacobs

    Vincent Jacobs

    7 ore fa

    "A long track-record of belittling the mentally ill" Like, say, old disabled people in scooters?

  44. D. B.

    D. B.

    7 ore fa

    So what happens now that keemstar basically defended his claim and even claimed that you're a hypocrite, you honestly lost this one h3

  45. Dj Mortez

    Dj Mortez

    7 ore fa

    Keemstar needs to get his head out of the clouds and get back to earth! He started it himself. He need to learn how to communicate with people and especially people with mental problems...! He doesnt have the "what's my new content"....and many other problems" like many IT-staters have and he doesn't realize how much power his words have in the community.... All he does is judge and talk about others there channels, content and behavior. Yes he have many fun and cool episodes but he also took a wrong turn many times and now you totally went out of line..

  46. new account

    new account

    7 ore fa

    Look up yo mama on youtube more info Not even a joke

  47. Mr Scruffles

    Mr Scruffles

    7 ore fa

    Put keem in jail

  48. Ivett Solly

    Ivett Solly

    7 ore fa

    I just want Tony to be happy. I want him to be happy so much.

  49. uzeir gamazsi

    uzeir gamazsi

    7 ore fa


  50. JDarnPlayz


    7 ore fa

    Keem’s loosing the battle, he should give up🤦🏽‍♂️❗️ I like this exposing thing, I’ve been wanted him to taste his own medicine for a long time🔥

  51. SG Formula

    SG Formula

    7 ore fa

    Let these 30+ man holds fight each other

  52. Airzae


    7 ore fa

    all of this... and keem thinks he’s winning

  53. Gaming For The Recently Deceased

    Gaming For The Recently Deceased

    7 ore fa

    Incoming Ad-Pocolypse 2

  54. Curly Fry

    Curly Fry

    7 ore fa

    above all else, STAN TONY

  55. wojak


    7 ore fa

    make a disstrack with post malone now

  56. Cabbyla


    7 ore fa

    Just write his name in the Death Note and be done with it already.

  57. Curly Fry

    Curly Fry

    7 ore fa

    i’m very happy with you. Keem is traaash 🧚‍♂️✨🌿

  58. Ayia


    7 ore fa

    Keemstar is the worst at arguing, yet he always walks away fine. He is a fucking cockroach, this nuclear blast won’t do much to him unfortunately.

    • Sam


      6 ore fa

      Hakman Tim I wouldnt be surprised if Both Keem and H3 get kicked off IT-state Since H3 Fans are Mad at Keem and Keem Fans are Mad at H3 and They both lost Their Sponsors as Keem Lost his With Gfuel and H3 Lost his with Oldspice

    • Hakman Tim

      Hakman Tim

      7 ore fa

      it might, we can try to kick him off of youtube

  59. carringbushpet


    7 ore fa

    I tried to watch Keemstar's 'show' once. From what I could discern it was basically running tweets from people with some internet notoriety through a speech synthesizer and turning the preset to 'clueless Garden Gnome arsehole with a baby brain' if it wasn't such a problem it would be sad.

  60. Andre w

    Andre w

    7 ore fa


  61. Jesus Meraz

    Jesus Meraz

    7 ore fa

    Ok but Ethan is kinda of a hypocrite he roast people all the time

  62. Dub


    7 ore fa

    I wouldn't call Keem's show news.

  63. Sea Bear

    Sea Bear

    7 ore fa

    I’m sorry but after watching both vids Ethans attack is 50 but Keems defense is 100

  64. John Haley

    John Haley

    7 ore fa

    i decided to unsubscribe after 3 years when i watched ethan degrade my catholic faith on the podcast. kinda sad to see one of my favorites become this way

    • Jasmine Albert

      Jasmine Albert

      7 ore fa

      In 2018 there was an investigation of 1,000 children having been sexual abused by catholic priest in Pennsylvania.

  65. Embrace The_material

    Embrace The_material

    7 ore fa

    Lose weight

  66. Dank Spiderman

    Dank Spiderman

    7 ore fa

    It's a mystery how this guy continues to manipulate others.

  67. The Second

    The Second

    7 ore fa

    The clown wars

  68. jesus elisaleco

    jesus elisaleco

    7 ore fa

    I fkin love u

  69. 平仮名, ひらがなEpicGamer445

    平仮名, ひらがなEpicGamer445

    7 ore fa

    Plz tell me this I the end of Keem, a man like this should not have so much power on this site

  70. RonaldLTC


    8 ore fa

    Ethan, you will always be a hypocrite and a snake. WATCH GOKUNARU'S VIDEO ON H3H3 Ethan, I dare you to delete this comment to prove me right. You tried so hard to delete the original video that you begged Susan to do it.

  71. Abdallah Alsaleh

    Abdallah Alsaleh

    8 ore fa

    I mean like this happened so many years ago. Idk why out of no where you drop all this stuff. Like just drop it. Leave him alone. There’s a goddam pandemic and your really gonna make him be no longer with gfuel. Like he has a family to feed and take care for. I’m probably gonna get hate but like cmon this is so childish.

  72. themusicmastera380


    8 ore fa

    I feel like there both in on it, for the views. Beef/drama= entertainment been that way for hundred of years, ya really think you tubers don’t use these tactics? I’d bet money they’re actually good friends 😂

  73. Just Shadows

    Just Shadows

    8 ore fa

    the editing kinda sucks but eh

  74. Shreyas Raghunath

    Shreyas Raghunath

    8 ore fa

    Keemstar is the Joseph McCarthy of the 2010s

  75. samuel adu

    samuel adu

    8 ore fa

    H3 has no content so he brings up the past for some views pathetic

  76. Titan Atlas

    Titan Atlas

    8 ore fa

    When this trashy ass channel has 6.6 million subscribers is when I say to myself: "maybe covid-19 was necessary". I don't even know how the hell I ended up in this video, why are these tools arguing for and why should people care? P.S: Please don't comment, I ain't coming back in here.

  77. Zayed Haroon

    Zayed Haroon

    8 ore fa

    WhY Am i StiLL geTtinG HATE?!

  78. Heavy4resin


    8 ore fa

    It's crazy how much Keemstar looks like a sociopathic garden gnome, I can't believe that at one time I was subscribed to that piece of hot trash steaming under a sun baked blanket of vomit, bile, and fish guts.

  79. Luis Córdova Design & Stuff

    Luis Córdova Design & Stuff

    8 ore fa

    Aren't we overlooking the possibility that Keemstar himself is not right in the head?

    • Luis Córdova Design & Stuff

      Luis Córdova Design & Stuff

      6 ore fa

      @Chaz1871 And you are right. My point is that if we are failing to see an existing condition, then we may all be contributing to worsen his case. Feel like it's the same thing he does

    • Luis Córdova Design & Stuff

      Luis Córdova Design & Stuff

      7 ore fa

      @Alan Perez gonna watch it then 👍

    • Alan Perez

      Alan Perez

      7 ore fa

      @Luis Córdova Design & Stuff its decent ngl👌🏾

    • Chemical Confusion

      Chemical Confusion

      7 ore fa

      Luis Córdova Design & Stuff that is true, although I imagine h3 would not make another video if he genuinely expressed that

    • Chaz1871


      7 ore fa

      Who cares? If we can't criticize someone simply because there's a possibility that they might be mentally ill, then everyone is immune to criticism.

  80. Eric Daniel

    Eric Daniel

    8 ore fa

    You fucking legend

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