Christopher Nolan's Tenet - Official Trailer 2 (2020) John David Washington, Robert Pattinson

Christopher Nolan's Tenet is an action epic evolving from the world of international espionage.

Nolan wrote and directed the film, utilizing a mixture of IMAX and 70mm film to bring the story to the screen. Tenet was filmed on location across seven countries.

The international cast is led by John David Washington and also includes Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Clémence Poésy, with Michael Caine and Kenneth Branagh.

Tenet is being produced by Emma Thomas and Christopher Nolan. Thomas Hayslip served as executive producer.
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  1. Tuyana onnet

    Tuyana onnet

    13 ore fa

    russians again

  2. Vijay Aravindan S

    Vijay Aravindan S

    13 ore fa

    Is Christopher Nolan an Alien? No one in this entire planet can enter this dimension in the brain to create such.

  3. Rajdeep Ghosh

    Rajdeep Ghosh

    13 ore fa

    But why dimple kapadia?

  4. sina RaziZadeh

    sina RaziZadeh

    13 ore fa

    Actors selection is terrible

  5. geet jay

    geet jay

    13 ore fa

    Intriguing. As usual. TeamChrisnolanforever😍😎

  6. INFLUENCE inc.

    INFLUENCE inc.

    14 ore fa

    Movie theatres? No thanks

  7. _Estel is relatively bored

    _Estel is relatively bored

    14 ore fa

    This is the power of [BITES THE DUST]

  8. Tro Go

    Tro Go

    14 ore fa

    No, It's not that this movie hasn't happened yet, it's that it has happened countless times in an attempt to save one person thereby saving everyone, just not yet in our reality as we watch awards for best special effects being handed out to the countless teams who worked tirelessly on this and other films and just when it is about to premier in OUR timespace, we wake up from our inner dream into a new dreamworld construct where we see The Nolan first pick up a pen to sketch out the basic concept of a film about time inversion, its then we quickly look down and see the spinning token start to wobble as we here a faint voice laugh and say - "...and I thought MY jokes were bad!" - - -

  9. Vishnu Mohan

    Vishnu Mohan

    15 ore fa

    Why this cast???

  10. Yousif Khalil

    Yousif Khalil

    15 ore fa

    Another nolan trailer that i understand nothing of. i'm already giving it 10/10

  11. Kxrrin


    15 ore fa

    Bro how can you not be intrigued

  12. That_Guy_ Lesley

    That_Guy_ Lesley

    15 ore fa

    I can’t wait for the next movie title Christopher Nolan uses from his random word generator.

  13. Maar Ghusandi

    Maar Ghusandi

    17 ore fa

    Wtf "dimple kapadia"

  14. Mitchell Diaz

    Mitchell Diaz

    17 ore fa

    Once my cities theaters open back up, this will be the first film I'll see. Love Nolans films.

  15. Dallas Man

    Dallas Man

    17 ore fa

    Dunkirk was disappointing, hard to tell from this trailer

  16. Anthony Jonas

    Anthony Jonas

    18 ore fa

    No hanz zimmer. Movie will be crap without his score.

  17. Shippisking


    18 ore fa

    This look like a classic already

  18. Tismonar Razvan

    Tismonar Razvan

    18 ore fa

    In 15 years his trailers are gonna be 1 minute longer just to write the best titles he scored

  19. André Campos

    André Campos

    19 ore fa

    riiiiiiiiiiiiiight... Inception reverse.

  20. HotShotVQ35


    20 ore fa

    cant wait to see this in the theatres 4 years from now

  21. iFlyMania


    21 ora fa

    Fun Fact: Tenet spelled backwards is Tenet

  22. Bonti Cimong

    Bonti Cimong

    21 ora fa

    95% of this movie content will be exposition.

  23. Brembz


    21 ora fa

    Ron Stallworth is different...

  24. Khalid Mustafa

    Khalid Mustafa

    21 ora fa

    Me: You're gonna make another cinematic masterpiece? Nolan: Well, then part is a little dramatic...

  25. Ali Rizvi

    Ali Rizvi

    21 ora fa

    I just booked my tickets now and they arrived last year.

  26. Elton Jesus

    Elton Jesus

    22 ore fa

    memento and bond in one

  27. Nein nein

    Nein nein

    22 ore fa

    Everybody's brain is Gangster until... Yes

  28. Bea Alva

    Bea Alva

    22 ore fa

    My head hurts.

  29. Film Thought Project

    Film Thought Project

    23 ore fa

    Imagine Christopher Nolan trying to pitch his ideas to big Hollywood studio executives... He probably confuses them so much they just green light the movie to stop him talking 😂

  30. Ephraim Latson

    Ephraim Latson

    23 ore fa

    Its about time travel...."not exactly".... Oh so it's not about time travel..."not exactly".....🤔🤔

  31. Brucey


    Giorno fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> you can see the dude walking with the gun and mask while at the background the vehicle´s glass collapse at inverted time. I´m so excited for this movie!!!!!

  32. Carlo Carlito

    Carlo Carlito

    Giorno fa

    Annnnd I’m lost

  33. The EDNC

    The EDNC

    Giorno fa

    Another “I am Christopher Nolan and you’re NOT” pseudo psych film... _zzzzzzzzzzzz_ 👎

  34. Akhil Sharma

    Akhil Sharma

    Giorno fa

    I am scrolling up to read below comments

  35. Slick


    Giorno fa

    That moment when trailers no longer have a release date...

  36. Jeff


    Giorno fa

    !desufnoc ma i

  37. MrMathis


    Giorno fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a> pretty much wraps up Nolans' work

  38. Anoob Abu

    Anoob Abu

    Giorno fa

    എന്ത് പണ്ടാരം ആണ് ഇത് ... 🙄 ബല്ലത്ത ജാതി

  39. Chris Gutierrez

    Chris Gutierrez

    Giorno fa

    I have seen not yet.

  40. Mayank Shukla

    Mayank Shukla

    Giorno fa

    From trailer it looks like amalgamation of Dark Knight and Inception.

  41. Basketball Guru

    Basketball Guru

    Giorno fa

    Oh man I'm big fan of Nolan's work with the time. It's always science involved.

  42. Fauzan SR

    Fauzan SR

    Giorno fa

    reminded me of quantum break

  43. kleiv04


    Giorno fa

    10 years after Inception. Inception 2 = TeneT

  44. अस्मिता प्रमोद

    अस्मिता प्रमोद

    Giorno fa

    Me: Make it ''Coming to IT-state'' Corona's son: Damn.

  45. siramdane nadjib

    siramdane nadjib

    Giorno fa

    The darknight flavor

  46. theMAXX81


    Giorno fa

    Robert Pattinson is fine here but should be suspended from his role as batman. he insists on not working out for the role of a superhero with no superpowers. batmans superpowers beyond money are being best prepared, clever, tough and on a peak performance level, ready to give all. like him as an actor, thats fine, but landing the role and then showing that kind of social media statement attitude is ridiculous.

  47. Tree Tree

    Tree Tree

    Giorno fa

    James bond meets Looper meets Inception Yessh!!

  48. swapna Srinivash

    swapna Srinivash

    Giorno fa

    I am going to comment this

  49. anurathangd


    Giorno fa

    So captain gave the time stone to him instead returning it to Santorium.

  50. Vio Viooo

    Vio Viooo

    Giorno fa

    that by the book Hollywood trailer where you basically see the entire movie in 3min

  51. Tata Bata

    Tata Bata

    Giorno fa

    Ricky Jarrett

  52. D G

    D G

    Giorno fa

    Just grab the Infinity Gauntlet.

  53. Bobby Slickhead

    Bobby Slickhead

    Giorno fa

    this movie reminds me of the conception to inception.

  54. Max Ime

    Max Ime

    Giorno fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="33">0:33</a> on dirait Damso

  55. Me Against The World

    Me Against The World

    Giorno fa

    From one of the most overrated filmmakers of all time...

  56. Zacary Grasl

    Zacary Grasl

    Giorno fa

    Okay this looks absolutely bonkers

  57. Sgt K.

    Sgt K.

    Giorno fa

    Does this mean that Nolan is acknowledging Pattinson as the new batman...?

  58. Sgt K.

    Sgt K.

    Giorno fa

    what's with these Hairy potter actors... lol

  59. FUNtastic Ride

    FUNtastic Ride

    Giorno fa

    U r not reading the comments u are about to to see the trailer

  60. danny key

    danny key

    Giorno fa

    Black 007

  61. Jiorno Jiovanna

    Jiorno Jiovanna

    Giorno fa

    It's been a long time since the movie come out but i really like this trailer.

  62. Githin Joseph

    Githin Joseph

    Giorno fa


  63. Ghulam Sarwar

    Ghulam Sarwar

    Giorno fa

    Tamwar is there geyaan

  64. Manu TheDeath

    Manu TheDeath

    Giorno fa

    will the spinner fall on this one or not?

  65. Ethan Wilson

    Ethan Wilson

    Giorno fa

    Going for a poo must be just, horrible.

  66. Zulfikran Zulmos

    Zulfikran Zulmos

    Giorno fa

    Tenet is Internet 😂😂

  67. Gulzhigit Bagishbekov

    Gulzhigit Bagishbekov

    Giorno fa

    My friend: what kind of movies u like? Maybe action? Me: Nolan

  68. Wick Dog

    Wick Dog

    Giorno fa

    2020: T enet 2010: I nception 2002: M emento But where is E? Well it has already came out but it didn't happen

  69. Wick Dog

    Wick Dog

    Giorno fa

    Christopher Nolan: I know what people will say Me: Do you have any special talents? 😦

  70. RAPTV Channel

    RAPTV Channel

    Giorno fa

    Wow this is insane dome I want it now pleaseeeeeeee 👍👏😢

  71. Noseefood


    Giorno fa

    Memento meets James Bond

  72. Mohammad Umair Ansari

    Mohammad Umair Ansari

    Giorno fa

    Nolan: "I have a role for you." Caine : "Ok. Which restaurant is it this time?"

  73. NRN


    Giorno fa

    ஒன்னும் புரியல...

  74. Phil_A


    Giorno fa

    I swear I hate to bring this up but.... a black man in a leading role in Hollywood and it's not a slave movie? I don't give a frack whose in this movie I'm watching it this is more rare than seeing a unicorn. The sad is I'm sure It's a reason why they casted him with some cultural or other symbolism which we can't seem to get away from (And 9 times out of 10 hes probly from the UK they don't like to use us to much unless it's a scene for a thug).... But Hey like the mindless fool says, "iT's jUst EnteRtainMent"

  75. Abhi Ke abhi

    Abhi Ke abhi

    Giorno fa


  76. Timotheus H. Nakashona

    Timotheus H. Nakashona

    Giorno fa

    Anything directed by Mr. Nolan is worth watching.

  77. meyer lansky

    meyer lansky

    Giorno fa

    Looks like any other nolan

  78. Kjell Stokke

    Kjell Stokke

    Giorno fa

    Feel that Kyle Chandler should have a role in this movie :)

  79. Mike D

    Mike D

    Giorno fa

    The fact that we're now watching new trailers for movies must mean that the flow of time has been reversed.

  80. Parth Antal

    Parth Antal

    Giorno fa

    Interstellar: I make you feel the great preciousness of time. Tenet: *REEB YM DLOH*

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