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  1. Gabrielle Williams

    Gabrielle Williams

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    I love this!!! ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  2. Andrew Demchyshyn

    Andrew Demchyshyn

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    I wonder Will Smith right now:what about my hip-hop career? :))

  3. EM- Effers

    EM- Effers

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    Here we have Will Smith in his feelings. Sharing some wisdom and this Sum Bitch interrupts and finishes his sentence. Anyone else bothered by that?

  4. Infinite Reactions

    Infinite Reactions

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    My favorite bar is “ homey my idol and he don’t even know it

  5. Ayyy Yahhh

    Ayyy Yahhh

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    Okay this sounds like a da baby beat🤔🤔🤔

  6. Perro V

    Perro V

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="13">0:13</a> Lyrics: Praise God. I beat your little partnas in front of the church because you ain't paying my tithes. You go to the mall, go to the club, but you late for church because you tired. And sleep on the mattress because you was out running the streets. Too drunk being ratchet. Hope you ain't too drunk for the rapture.

  7. wokeil


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    Crank lucas in the building

  8. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

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    Hey Will Yeah I'm feelin' like Will (Hey) I think I'm a prince, I'm feelin' myself (Buck, buck) I'm loaded with bills, 'cause I wasn't blessed with no Uncle Phil (Woah) Don't know how it feels I wanted to flex, they told me to chill (Chill) I'm makin' a flip (Flip) My life is a flick, come load up the film (Hey) I got me some paper, hired a butler and got me a waiter (Woah) I wanna get married, but none of my shorties remind me of Jada Or maybe I'm just too afraid to settle, I wish I was plannin' it different I think It's a phase, I'm very conditioned I'm stuck in my ways and scared of commitment, I'm very conflicted (Ooh) I got the drip and I'm saucy, ooh (Buck, buck, buck) ADHD, I'm a bad boy I think I might just pull up in the 'Rari, ooh I might just skrrtt up the Philly They call me Big Willie, I think I'm Mike Lowrey, ooh Ain't nothin' much you can tell me, I blew through a milli and threw me a party, ooh (Buck, buck) I know I'm the one Dammit, I made it, I look at my son I feel like I'm dreamin', he truly a blessin' I'm really elated, I pray that he grow up like Willow or Jaden I know that he will I hope he look up to me like we used to look up to Phil I know that's it's real I lay a brick at a time for somethin' I know I can build I learn it from Will I know ain't nothin' got set us back (Buck) You take it from me, I get it back (Buck, buck) Me and my homies forever strapped (Buck) We roll up on 'em like Men in Black (Bah) I blow your chest through your head and back (Yeah) I think I done made a mess (Mess) I'm in Cali with a vest (Hey) That's the wild Wild West (Yeah) I told my homies I'm good with the labels, I don't need to sign the dots (Yeah) They must not know me, they cannot control me 'cause I ain't no I, Robot (Hey) Yeah, I grew up on a legend and I gotta show it I learned a lot from him and I owe it Homie's my idol and don't even know it, ooh I'm feelin' like Will (Hey) I think I'm a prince, I'm feelin' myself (Buck, buck) I'm loaded with bills (Ooh), 'cause I wasn't blessed with no Uncle Phil (Blah) Don't know how it feels (Feels) I wanted to flex, they told me to chill (Chill) I'm makin' a flip (Flip) My life is a flick, now load up the film (Hey) I'm goin' back to Miami to meet with the cartel (Ooh-ooh) All of you rappers be runnin' 'round tellin' shark tales (Hey-hey) I was tryna make a flip when y'all was doin' cartwheels The Pursuit of Happyness, I was rock bottom now I'm out spendin' large bills (Oh) And I got a shorty who stuck in a bubble, but I'm still love with her hustle (Ooh) Her body bangin' but she don't stop talkin', I wish that she come with a muzzle (Ooh) I don't know if I'm in love with the pieces or I'm just in love with the puzzle (Hey) But I had to leave her 'cause I know these girls these days ain't nothin' but trouble (Nothin' but trouble) I know I'm the one Damn it I made it, now look what I've done (Buck, buck, buck) I feel like I'm dreamin', I count all my blessings I'm really elated, I know I Am Legend or one in the makin' I know that it's real I hope they look up to me like we used to look up to Phil (Buck, buck, buck) I know that you will I lay a brick at a time for somethin' I know I can build (Buck, buck, buck) That's how we leave an impression (Buck) Yes, I believe in expression (Hey) I got some secrets and weapons (Buck) That might just leave a concussion (Ah) Give me three wishes, I think I'm Aladdin but there ain't no genie to bless us (Yeah) I ain't had nothin' just me and heater at night, he be sleep on the dresser (Word) I cannot fold, I hit all my goals, I did it with pride (Did it with pride) Ain't nothin' worst than losin' your hero and couldn't say bye (Couldn't say bye) And we never know just when it's our time, the legends are gone and we don't know why So before they go, look here go a toast so give 'em a rose while they still alive (Buck) I'm feelin' like Will (Hey) I think I'm a prince, I'm feelin' myself (Buck, buck) I'm loaded with bills (Ooh), 'cause I wasn't blessed with no Uncle Phil (Blah) Don't know how it feels (Feels) I wanted to flex, they told me to chill (Chill) I'm makin' a flip (Flip) My life is a flick, mmm

  9. Risen22D


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    Fake generic gangsta

  10. 2kaufert


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    Praise God, I'll beat yo lil partners infront of the church, cause you ain't pay up yo ties. go to the mall, go to the club, but u late for church cause you tired

  11. John Doe

    John Doe

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    very creative and unique. rap needs to be like this. everyone else have the same style or spit the same thing aint talking bout nothing just bragging and competing when everyone was born breathing and bleeding the same

  12. Султан Кадыров

    Султан Кадыров

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    Как минус найти???

  13. Vanessa Davis

    Vanessa Davis

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    This is the most creative thing I've seen in a minute.

  14. Ms. Gordon

    Ms. Gordon

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    Man Will Smith is Amazing and he's a legend

  15. Fiyahh SqaudTV

    Fiyahh SqaudTV

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    nooo he left out one of the best ones HANCOCK

  16. taylor wilo

    taylor wilo

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  17. Terrance Hairston

    Terrance Hairston

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    This legit made me tear up holy crap man respect to the legends, past and future; Joyner you are going above and beyond with the creativity #LONGLIVEBOOMBAPRAP

  18. Meletios Frattis

    Meletios Frattis

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    nice wall keep the mexicans out

  19. ICR Wilki

    ICR Wilki

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    12 mil views in 1 week!! That's huge! Glad he done this in wills life time too! Joyner lucas deserves to really really blow! Absolutely smashed this, well done 👏👏👊

  20. young black rose

    young black rose

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    Do anyone realize that the background music is rap devil just changed

  21. Tony Klein

    Tony Klein

    2 ore fa

    In a way, he wrote a will for will. Not a hard and fast one, but summed up his life pretty well. What an apt title. Sidenote: I need a break from the internet today 😞

  22. Alex Murphy

    Alex Murphy

    2 ore fa

    Mad respect for paying homage, but how the fuck you miss Independence Day. That movie changed the game and put Will on the map. But you included Wild Wild West 😂😂😂😂

  23. Chinna Raju

    Chinna Raju

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  24. Bursto Music

    Bursto Music

    2 ore fa

    im feeling like joyner

  25. Andy Sanchez

    Andy Sanchez

    2 ore fa

    Damn dogggggg this slaps g !!! Wow

  26. Anisha Chanallee Shade Mason

    Anisha Chanallee Shade Mason

    2 ore fa

    ❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👑👑👑🙏🏽🐐🐐🐐🐐Will must be so proud❤👑🐐

  27. timmy tocos

    timmy tocos

    2 ore fa

    Anyone else caught the hancock reference?????

  28. Michellene Barrett

    Michellene Barrett

    3 ore fa

    Nice tribute!

  29. Vanessa Knox-Harris

    Vanessa Knox-Harris

    3 ore fa

    This is really nice! I enjoyed watching you pay homage to Will Smith!

  30. Antario Battle

    Antario Battle

    3 ore fa

    He should have played Ali

  31. Blade McDade

    Blade McDade

    3 ore fa

    Thanks Will!!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  32. Ali Alazzawi

    Ali Alazzawi

    3 ore fa

    Somehow I see a lot of ‘’the game ‘’ in him

  33. XD_justikke


    3 ore fa

    he jused i am a legend and you know what happen with legends

  34. Imlak Sheakh

    Imlak Sheakh

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  35. Tran quilo

    Tran quilo

    3 ore fa

    support from Brazil

  36. S3m3lid


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    Yo my guy that just fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥 bro went in on that 💯🔥🔥

  37. ClassyJaguarGames


    3 ore fa

    He didn’t a scene from Hancock.

  38. nathan hobart

    nathan hobart

    3 ore fa

    Joyner Lucas is one of the greats! Keep it up!

  39. Tamieka Frazier

    Tamieka Frazier

    3 ore fa Joyner Lucas New Unreleased 🔥🗣‼

  40. Thomas Weeden

    Thomas Weeden

    3 ore fa

    He tryin so hard to be Will when he looks way more like Carlton.

  41. Hand Puppet Beats

    Hand Puppet Beats

    3 ore fa


  42. darklord042704


    3 ore fa

    Independence Day, Hitch, Hancock, but other than that this song is fire🔥

  43. M Knight

    M Knight

    3 ore fa


  44. Ta1mer


    4 ore fa

    Ух ты какие мы важные

  45. zachary freeman

    zachary freeman

    4 ore fa

    I love you Will Smith. And I am happy you had the chance to meet him... I wish I could...

  46. Azzi King

    Azzi King

    4 ore fa

    Pure talent

  47. Mik Mik

    Mik Mik

    4 ore fa

    Will is a walking legend.

  48. JWB Games _

    JWB Games _

    4 ore fa

    Ayo it's rewind time

  49. Prince Munkombwe

    Prince Munkombwe

    4 ore fa

    I bet you Will Smith got this track on repeat during this quarantine time, cause damn this song is amazing, Hail Joyner Lucas

  50. J Bennett

    J Bennett

    4 ore fa

    if this bro doesn't get a grammy for this...well it's already fuck the grammy's but still.

  51. Dzan28


    4 ore fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a> Dude went from beard to full face beard to no beard at all in seconds



    4 ore fa

    Lucas about to be one of the best rappers of all time ......

  53. Tomáš Holec

    Tomáš Holec

    4 ore fa


  54. Maríe Antoinette

    Maríe Antoinette

    4 ore fa

    This whole thing was fireeee!! Whaaaat😫🔥🙌🏾

  55. soullegend5


    4 ore fa


  56. miko foin

    miko foin

    5 ore fa

    my hero was Robin Williams, he changed my view on life and how I treat it and also how I should appreciate those I love RIP Robin Williams ❤️

  57. 10k Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

    10k Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

    5 ore fa

    "So give 'em a rose while they still alive" This is how you pay tribute to a Legend !! Not after his death .. do it right like joyner

  58. Dee Johnson

    Dee Johnson

    5 ore fa

    Bill is also a hero of mine that was a low blow bro

    • miko foin

      miko foin

      5 ore fa


  59. Yoga pose89

    Yoga pose89

    5 ore fa

    Will Smith thank him on IT-state from his own channel.. it's a quick thank you but it's worth watching

  60. Sunny PunsTV

    Sunny PunsTV

    5 ore fa

    Acts Vhapter 9.

  61. LEMES


    5 ore fa

    so mutch criative.... congratulations niga!!! so fuking fire sound an music video

  62. Spencer Potts

    Spencer Potts

    5 ore fa

    This dude really willin himself

  63. boolets meTouch

    boolets meTouch

    5 ore fa

    Before this I thought painters used brushes to make people understand a message...turns out some use words

  64. Tray Trid

    Tray Trid

    5 ore fa

    Nicki Minaj to respond with a song named "Lil Kim"

  65. Tray Trid

    Tray Trid

    5 ore fa

    Waiting for DMX to respond with a song called "Lexingtone Steel"😤😤 if you know you know

  66. Joshua Burton

    Joshua Burton

    5 ore fa

    And this is how you truly pay homage to an icon. #LongLliveWillSmith#BigUpsJoyner Lucas

  67. Mtdmpls


    5 ore fa

    Lowkey kinda mad Will Smith hasn't commented on this. LOL 🤴🏾

    • Jubilee Nunnallee

      Jubilee Nunnallee

      2 ore fa

      Mtdmpls He responded on instagram

  68. Bastian Henriksen

    Bastian Henriksen

    5 ore fa

    Basically an ad for every will smith movie

  69. ßrandon barfield

    ßrandon barfield

    5 ore fa

    This is copy righted

  70. Checkone S.

    Checkone S.

    5 ore fa

    The DOPEST video I've seen in a long time..First time seeing this guy..I grew up to Fresh Prince meaning Parents Just Don't Understand Fresh Prince! Salute you young man for this video!!

  71. Manuel Lerma

    Manuel Lerma

    5 ore fa

    Beat is 🔥... Joyner killing it

  72. Jacoby Ellsbury

    Jacoby Ellsbury

    5 ore fa

    Shorty with the army jeans got a cake

  73. Sham Hosein

    Sham Hosein

    5 ore fa

    Played this for my puppy now he's a Pitbull. 🔥

  74. TheMourad747


    5 ore fa


  75. Dillanraj Naidu

    Dillanraj Naidu

    5 ore fa

    i'm so happy you made it Joyner. You deserve it!

  76. Daniel dd dillon

    Daniel dd dillon

    6 ore fa

    Joyner only has 4 mil the 12 mil that watched this should be subscribed

  77. Kareem Enya

    Kareem Enya

    6 ore fa

    Crazy, I’ve grown up with Will Smith. I’ve said “I love him” not on fanboy ish, but he’s been present my whole life. Crazy. He and Denzel.

  78. TC Project

    TC Project

    6 ore fa

    Straight hating with 8k negative ppppffffff thats 8k of mumble rapping loving ppl that think real rap is trash

  79. Leonard Grant

    Leonard Grant

    6 ore fa

    Crank Lucas

  80. Merdi MUKENGE

    Merdi MUKENGE

    6 ore fa

    8,6 k dislikes?

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