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Artist who made this possible:
My God Tier Animator: Nathan Wheeler aka Fantishow
Amazing Additional Animation: Sean Glaze
My Amazing Background artist: Davecavedraws
My Beautiful Sound Engineer: Justin Greger
The Muse that help me with my music: Samuel Long
The Outstanding Special Effects Artist: Molly Wright


  1. MeatCanyon


    7 giorni fa

    I hope you all enjoyed this being snuck into the million sub thank you video. I’m not to big on making sequels, but I thought this would be fun to make for such an occasion. Thank you all for the support and I look forward to making more videos for ya! Hugs and kisses. -papa meat

    • Rotund Monibuv

      Rotund Monibuv

      18 ore fa

      This is beautiful

    • Cheez_ Wizzy 7

      Cheez_ Wizzy 7

      21 ora fa

      Can u do a regular show one plz

    • Dopest Popest

      Dopest Popest

      21 ora fa

      MeatCanyon we need 3rd one

    • LittleTino


      Giorno fa

      @MeatCanyon would you ever do a BBQ Pitmasters parody?

    • Mysticc Pyro

      Mysticc Pyro

      Giorno fa

      Why do I willingly watch meatcanyons videos?

  2. Michael Hurtado

    Michael Hurtado

    3 ore fa

    Is no one even commenting the fact that Ed killed his own sister?

  3. TSG_ Tartwinter

    TSG_ Tartwinter

    3 ore fa

    It's a jaw jawbreaker

  4. Vivoxy


    3 ore fa

    I understand the jawbreaker lun and what not but like. Why? Just why? 🤣

  5. FlubDrop


    3 ore fa

    the perfect sequel does not exist...

  6. Kyurem The frozen

    Kyurem The frozen

    4 ore fa

    imagine seeing this in real life

  7. FarrSec


    4 ore fa

    Just realized that this dude sounds like singed from lol...

  8. Helix The Cunt

    Helix The Cunt

    4 ore fa

    So, the only one to survive was Plank lol

  9. erin edmondson

    erin edmondson

    4 ore fa

    25 cents

  10. V L B

    V L B

    4 ore fa

    I never really watched ed edd n eddy but I know I th was NOT like this!

  11. Fibrosis50 Creations

    Fibrosis50 Creations

    4 ore fa

    Plank and the Canker Sisters didn't witness perfection... Part 3...

  12. Monique Star

    Monique Star

    4 ore fa

    That’s never gonna melt in his mouth

  13. AmericanSpur


    5 ore fa

    No Kanker sisters? Threequel?

  14. East Atlanta Hard Head

    East Atlanta Hard Head

    5 ore fa

    So he made a jawbreaker out of jawbones and broke his jaw to eat the jawbreaker? Talk about a mouthful

  15. TheSikerad


    5 ore fa

    Edd is watching us all

  16. AnziFN.


    5 ore fa

    i like how he says “ive been searching for a longgg longg time” with that voice

  17. Charles Murphy

    Charles Murphy

    5 ore fa


  18. Aj Campos

    Aj Campos

    5 ore fa

    Why is this like midsommar

  19. TheMeister


    6 ore fa

    I saw this in the million subscriber one

  20. Infi_Gaming


    6 ore fa

    *D O R K S*

  21. Leomar Valdeolivar

    Leomar Valdeolivar

    6 ore fa

    A masterpiece

  22. Luh Eerie

    Luh Eerie

    6 ore fa

    bro i just realized he BROKE his own jaw to put in a JAW BREAKER, logic 100

  23. Mako


    6 ore fa

    Ed,Edd,and Eddy are all apart of Scientology. *It’s confirmed*

  24. LickTeWindow


    6 ore fa

    I want him to speak at my funeral

  25. Digital_Midnight


    7 ore fa

    Man. That escalated quickly

  26. IAmTheJuanAndOnly


    7 ore fa

    "Open your eyes".... That voice gives me chills each time...but...I...Can't..STOP LISTENING!

  27. Purge Gaming

    Purge Gaming

    7 ore fa

    Best shit I've seen on IT-state yet

  28. abhinav pal

    abhinav pal

    7 ore fa

    We want another sequel about what happened to kanker sisters and what are they doing?

  29. Javier101lol


    7 ore fa

    The rare moments when the sequel captures the same horror magic of the first and takes it to the next level,im still processing how someone animated this to such perfection

  30. duck


    7 ore fa

    is it normal to laugh while watching this?

  31. Prosp


    7 ore fa

    K'hevin... Kevin, Kevin, Kevin

  32. HailMammon Moments

    HailMammon Moments

    8 ore fa


  33. Akatsuki KBM

    Akatsuki KBM

    8 ore fa

    “Truth belongs to those who seek it , and I’ve been searching for a long long time”

  34. gucci vuittonsin

    gucci vuittonsin

    8 ore fa

    I’m kinda mad that they changed Kevin’s voice from the first one

  35. Ha110 Beats

    Ha110 Beats

    8 ore fa

    3 ?!?!!!!!🤪

  36. KTFparty


    8 ore fa

    This is entertainment

  37. CherryMildPL _

    CherryMildPL _

    8 ore fa

    Im wait for 3 part

  38. Total GAMIX

    Total GAMIX

    9 ore fa


  39. Ty Verlaine

    Ty Verlaine

    9 ore fa

    ... MEATCANYON worships Satan? Not hard to believe, considering the common motifs in his content.

  40. cristian correa

    cristian correa

    9 ore fa

    The lighting, the animation, So on point

  41. мιcнael мyerѕ

    мιcнael мyerѕ

    9 ore fa

    Im terrified

  42. Kevin Clark

    Kevin Clark

    9 ore fa

    I honestly had to look away when he said: "Ed being me, his jaw." .

  43. i can't think of a name for my channel

    i can't think of a name for my channel

    9 ore fa

    If the eds look like this then i wonder what the kankers look like

    • Monique Star

      Monique Star

      4 ore fa

      i can't think of a name for my channel depends on if they’re going to die or not

  44. Yusuf kurdi

    Yusuf kurdi

    10 ore fa

    This is soooo sad 😥 but also really funny 😂

  45. Bethel Esuga

    Bethel Esuga

    10 ore fa

    Jawbreaker 3 with eddy's brother would be amazing

  46. Sean D Mason

    Sean D Mason

    10 ore fa

    Plz do a walking dead parody!!

  47. Pyark


    11 ore fa


  48. Christopher Easy

    Christopher Easy

    11 ore fa

    Not to long ago I was enjoying my lovely day now I want to burn every thing I see, out of fear of that happening to me when I lease expect it

  49. TehBOBBL3S


    11 ore fa

    Can you do a live recording of you doing these voices ??

  50. Carlos Wildermann

    Carlos Wildermann

    11 ore fa

    Nightmare fuel with nostalgic undertones.

  51. phaethos


    12 ore fa

    Dear god WHY

  52. Jordan Dungee

    Jordan Dungee

    12 ore fa

    I dont want to watch this with headphones

  53. WiiKidSly


    12 ore fa

    the thing kevin saw saying what is that is a jawbreaker made of jaws witness perfection

  54. Minecraft Chris

    Minecraft Chris

    12 ore fa

    Why not the Kankers.

  55. jordansusi123


    13 ore fa

    Today I learned that its a whole lot easier to get scared shitless from a 3min video than 2hr horror movie.

  56. Osmond Clarke

    Osmond Clarke

    13 ore fa

    Lesson learned: don't be a dick

  57. nineseven


    13 ore fa

    “Existence is now behind you.” It’s fascinating knowing you can exist one second and be gone the next. You are alive with thoughts, dreams, and passions. All that is taken away. Turned into a lifeless vessel forever.

    • Ricky Manson

      Ricky Manson

      6 ore fa


  58. Bubbly G

    Bubbly G

    13 ore fa

    Dealer asked me how the acid was... I sent him this video😂

  59. Sang you

    Sang you

    13 ore fa

    Now who wants a jawbreaker

  60. Xehanort 36

    Xehanort 36

    13 ore fa

    Look like being a son of a shepard did not save Rolf from see "Perfection".

  61. Roboticized


    14 ore fa

    Is no one else gonna point out the overall tone and music basically mirrors the horror movie Hereditary?

  62. zombie on fire

    zombie on fire

    14 ore fa

    you have sacarred me for life, thanks

  63. Elrae Moon ThatPoet

    Elrae Moon ThatPoet

    15 ore fa

    I love the amount of tension you can see shaking inside these creatures youve animated 😂 my only reason for going to therapy this week will be the sound of Kevins Jaw moving away...

  64. Tater Tot

    Tater Tot

    15 ore fa

    I have Several questions...

  65. Juan


    15 ore fa

    Kill Eddie's brother next

  66. Mr Hippo

    Mr Hippo

    15 ore fa

    *Retribution is beautiful...*

  67. I wish i was saucyy

    I wish i was saucyy

    15 ore fa

    Yall ever wonder if the stuff he makes has an actual story behind it?

  68. okana


    16 ore fa

    good lord

  69. Zackarias Garcia

    Zackarias Garcia

    16 ore fa

    Hey everybody hunter if your listening it would be nice if you responded but I’ve decided that my life is like a cloud on the rainiest month in one year. your supposed to let all that grey out all the rain you have gathered all year around out after every knew year but me I can’t all that rain just gathers in my soul it never goes away it’s engraved into my helpless confused human mind so I’ve decided to leave it all behind along with my body hopefully you all don’t go through this time I’ve been going through because I don’t want humans to end there lives like I will peace out everyone.

  70. Litonix


    16 ore fa

    That's enough internet for the day

  71. Asmo


    16 ore fa

    He’s like the tooth fairy collects your jaws in exchange for retribution

  72. TrashMammal


    16 ore fa

    I’m imagining Rolf was just screaming “ED BOYS” the entire time when they ripped his jaw

  73. Some1'sAlterEg o

    Some1'sAlterEg o

    16 ore fa

    Can we take a vote on this being the new king of the most disturbing video of history Because im still having nightmares

  74. elbowmacaroni


    16 ore fa

    has danny antonucci seen this yet? lmao

  75. __ GhostRiderPlaya __

    __ GhostRiderPlaya __

    16 ore fa

    Ngl made my mouth water. Kinda gross



    16 ore fa

    Completely off-topic, but you nailed the look of the other characters. Well done! Can't wait for part 3!!!

  77. TOM


    16 ore fa

    Fleshy Jawbreaker.

  78. Jhereck420


    17 ore fa

    So it's not normal to chew other people's teeth?

  79. Brooke Farrell

    Brooke Farrell

    17 ore fa


  80. Kenji Kune

    Kenji Kune

    17 ore fa

    I wanted them to get their jaw breakers so badly, but not like this. Be careful what you wish for I guess.

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