Doja Cat - Like That (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane

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  1. Pedro Lopez

    Pedro Lopez

    7 ore fa

    Get that d out of your mouth and sing right

  2. Tomas Gomes

    Tomas Gomes

    7 ore fa

    big bubbies

  3. emzy166


    7 ore fa

    Why hate your black side doja? That’s all we see and that’s what you’re capitalising on?!

  4. Ok


    7 ore fa

    She still needs to show em

  5. winky


    7 ore fa

    There's a typo in the description! Next to "Follow Gucci Mane:" there is a "\" 😳

  6. Cinta Laura Kiehl Videos

    Cinta Laura Kiehl Videos

    7 ore fa

    Iconic. Xx

  7. Anaya


    7 ore fa

    Ouuuu doja can twerrrkkkk

  8. E Z

    E Z

    7 ore fa

    She can sing, she can rap, she can move. She's got it all :)))

  9. joseph giaconi

    joseph giaconi

    7 ore fa

    When I first saw this at 3 am, my first thought at 1:01: "SHE-RA, YAS QUEEN"

  10. Aaron Mannila

    Aaron Mannila

    7 ore fa

    Blackpink: How you like that Doja cat: Like that Random people: Like

  11. huehyehue hue

    huehyehue hue

    7 ore fa


  12. Ilian4ik


    7 ore fa


  13. TurquoiseArt Universe

    TurquoiseArt Universe

    7 ore fa

    So is nobody gonna talk about how she pulled her weapon out of her breast😂😂😂

  14. gluttony -

    gluttony -

    7 ore fa


  15. kat ka

    kat ka

    7 ore fa

    1:21 The anime girl is sooo cute here😍

  16. PrincePalm


    7 ore fa

    Doja looking like a lifeline hit box lmao (Apex Legends)

  17. John Barton

    John Barton

    7 ore fa

    Two giant milk duds. (Wipes druel from them.....). Damn!! How we get out?

  18. Riccomentals


    8 ore fa

    They killed this one big bread

  19. EternalSnoie


    8 ore fa

    I wonder who did the art. So beautiful.

  20. Minuka Rodrigo

    Minuka Rodrigo

    8 ore fa

    In case you didn't know, the flip phone Doja had put on the video is an LG Lollipop, which was targeted at fans of K-Pop and teens

  21. Minuka Rodrigo

    Minuka Rodrigo

    8 ore fa

    In case you didn't know, the flip phone Doja had put on the video is an LG Lollipop, which was targeted at fans of K-Pop and teens

  22. Savage Kid

    Savage Kid

    8 ore fa

    Make up overdose

  23. Ashley ashley

    Ashley ashley

    8 ore fa

    I’m not canceling her! As a light skinned black woman I understand she has preferences.💋😜

  24. Sophia Mendoza

    Sophia Mendoza

    8 ore fa

    Fantastic 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  25. DOT COM


    8 ore fa

    Will there be Japanese version?

  26. Marisia Scout

    Marisia Scout

    8 ore fa

    Am lovin' her colorful lyrics! Also her body confidence!!! She beautiful too!!!!

  27. Happy Bean

    Happy Bean

    8 ore fa

    this is immaculate 👁️👄👁️

  28. Julia. Ukolb

    Julia. Ukolb

    8 ore fa

    Tik tok💖

  29. Heather l

    Heather l

    8 ore fa

    Janet Jackson song "call my lover" vibes:)

  30. Zedol • Standoff 2

    Zedol • Standoff 2

    8 ore fa

    Залайките этот комент чтобы англиначаны подумали что это топовый комент)

  31. iiØcean CookieLoverXx

    iiØcean CookieLoverXx

    8 ore fa

    The animation is so cuuutteee ♡

  32. iisaque Alves

    iisaque Alves

    8 ore fa


    • Isabel Zzz

      Isabel Zzz

      8 ore fa

      You wish baby 😂

  33. yo mama

    yo mama

    8 ore fa

    i want a music video for streets✨

  34. Thando Magayiyana

    Thando Magayiyana

    8 ore fa

    This just confirmed it. DOJA CAT WATCHES *NARUTO*❤

  35. shanae morgan

    shanae morgan

    8 ore fa


  36. Karata


    8 ore fa

    I don't get the hype but i respect her i guess.

  37. Daily Music

    Daily Music

    8 ore fa

    Blackpink-How you like that Doja cat-Like that

  38. Arsi k

    Arsi k

    8 ore fa

    Я один от фокуса?

  39. Diamond


    8 ore fa

    This ate

  40. Diamond


    8 ore fa

    Who know doja cat has a Boyfriend in 2020😉 ?

  41. Unknown Known

    Unknown Known

    8 ore fa

    Let's make this trending NO.1.

  42. Kather1ne


    8 ore fa

    That split was ON BEAT THOOOOO

  43. Kalan Gardner

    Kalan Gardner

    8 ore fa

    I love doja she dont let bitches stop her

  44. Funnhi


    8 ore fa

    She is to damn fine for no reason

  45. emmanuel natividad

    emmanuel natividad

    9 ore fa

    if she actually dance like tiktok cover its perfect rather just twerk or have a decent dance hahah just my opinion

  46. Julian medhin

    Julian medhin

    9 ore fa

    Gucci mane bro why u making music with this racist bro 🥰

  47. lajos juhász

    lajos juhász

    9 ore fa

    oyu are lazy a order clip to make

  48. Adrienne Marcz or Marc Adrian

    Adrienne Marcz or Marc Adrian

    9 ore fa

    You are a sick bitch and I live for you! Sweet vid momma..;) Lit!!

  49. Meg g

    Meg g

    9 ore fa

    bruh is it me or the thumbnail changed

  50. Momogi / Troublesome Child

    Momogi / Troublesome Child

    9 ore fa

    I can't focus 🤣 cuz I found myself got interested in so many things.

  51. Jarrial


    9 ore fa


  52. Light Gaming : Mobile Legends

    Light Gaming : Mobile Legends

    9 ore fa

    D-Did Doja just Cancel Cancel Culture?????????? Also This song is actually addicting....that’s my shit

  53. Kihroudy


    9 ore fa

    Don't like Doja Cat but her songs are bops.

  54. Divya Katta

    Divya Katta

    9 ore fa

    listen to this song...

  55. Phunk Base

    Phunk Base

    9 ore fa

    Stop, Nobody will ever top 6ix9ine.

    • Kevin Ly

      Kevin Ly

      8 ore fa

      pablo LMAOOO

    • pablo


      8 ore fa

      he was topped in prison hah

  56. Blackpink in your Area

    Blackpink in your Area

    9 ore fa

    I love how she twerk her ass

  57. chappy K

    chappy K

    9 ore fa

    The split at the end took my soul

  58. Lady Bug

    Lady Bug

    9 ore fa

    Yes doja

  59. Ginna PB

    Ginna PB

    9 ore fa

    me encanta esta mujer y su naturalidad

  60. Melissa Bustos

    Melissa Bustos

    9 ore fa

    Sailor Moon vibezzz

  61. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf

    9 ore fa

    My beauty. Immediately put you a mark "like". 👍

  62. Doggy Ya!

    Doggy Ya!

    9 ore fa

    Doja sounds like Nicki Manaj

  63. Mike Lopez

    Mike Lopez

    9 ore fa

    Yea u know why I clicked

  64. Yenny Quinonez

    Yenny Quinonez

    9 ore fa

    Real booty 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣😍

  65. Yenny Quinonez

    Yenny Quinonez

    9 ore fa

    That body tho 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  66. darwin andres gonzales

    darwin andres gonzales

    9 ore fa

    odio el echo que dure tan poco. ME ENCANTA.....

  67. Solar


    9 ore fa

    This is literally so cute

  68. Assault- Jerome

    Assault- Jerome

    9 ore fa

    how gucci maine fit in those pant's

  69. Bir İnsan

    Bir İnsan

    9 ore fa

    Fun fact - You Was Only Looking at Doja Cat Where dancing was at :)

  70. bleh


    9 ore fa

    1:10 sis your tummy and elbow went green

  71. Phoenix Elsa

    Phoenix Elsa

    9 ore fa

    all her songs are so addictive and catchy man.. just makes uwana groove

  72. Usama Khan

    Usama Khan

    9 ore fa


  73. random cat eating a croissant

    random cat eating a croissant

    9 ore fa

    Tiddys plz

  74. Melissa F

    Melissa F

    9 ore fa

    Love the Sailor Moon reference/inspiration!!😍😍🌙

  75. Kbn Kbnlondon

    Kbn Kbnlondon

    9 ore fa

    Use me as a I’m not here from TikTok BUTTON!



    10 ore fa

    Comments: 40%: She looks like James Charles 40%: Talking about her being canceled 15: SAILOR MOON!! 5%: Other

  77. Billy Jones

    Billy Jones

    10 ore fa

    Isn't she cancelled

    • Kevin Ly

      Kevin Ly

      8 ore fa

      Lol we don’t care, her music still good.

    • Jeremiah Simmons

      Jeremiah Simmons

      9 ore fa


  78. G S

    G S

    10 ore fa

    Cover that mess up! 🤮🤢

    • Jeremiah Simmons

      Jeremiah Simmons

      9 ore fa

      @Bir İnsan there just a idoit

    • Bir İnsan

      Bir İnsan

      9 ore fa

      HuH ? You said shes perfect in her other videos what now ?

  79. Paul S Jones

    Paul S Jones

    10 ore fa

    Anyone notice the "BLACKOUT" after the "Split"?

  80. Jenna G

    Jenna G

    10 ore fa

    Cancel culture is TOXIC. Change my mind.

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