A Message To Gabrielle Moses

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  1. Sagi Brown

    Sagi Brown

    2 ore fa

    You know the quote "Everyone Liked It"? Well in this case it is "Everyone Felt It"..

  2. Sagi Brown

    Sagi Brown

    2 ore fa

    I really appreciate you for being able to so deeply open up over a video. Respect.

  3. Geena Lovell greene

    Geena Lovell greene

    2 ore fa

    I put off watching these videos because y'all were the guysvi went to to be happy . this breaks my heart

  4. Evan Boivin

    Evan Boivin

    2 ore fa

    What is happening

  5. It's Phantom

    It's Phantom

    2 ore fa

    He has changed so much since this and now he’s starting to get depressed, it truly hurts me to see this and I can see he is in pain,pls get better soon plssss 🥺, I’ve been here for so long and you might not recognize me but it’s because I just made a IT-state account. Bro plsssssss get better. You got me crying

  6. Leo:-:


    2 ore fa

    Yo I wanna see you play some warzone

  7. sunny moon

    sunny moon

    2 ore fa

    Irgendein Deutscher ,der das hier mir auf deutsch erklärt? bitte?!?!?

  8. Seren Wright

    Seren Wright

    2 ore fa

    wait so they broke up?

  9. hannah Yt

    hannah Yt

    2 ore fa

    Do you know the feeling when you See someone, Who is living on the other side of the world but you Feel like you could connect so good with the person If you would meet in reality.

  10. Fabienne Horsetivity

    Fabienne Horsetivity

    3 ore fa

    I wish you both the best ❤️

  11. Sanjanna Krishna

    Sanjanna Krishna

    3 ore fa

    Cue happiest year by Jaymes ♥️♥️

  12. EvanRamos 2002

    EvanRamos 2002

    3 ore fa

    Dude I know how you feel. I had been so so many great relationships. People say that that might be a good thing but it’s the worst thing possible. You’re lucky enough to have had a really great long relationship that lasted longer than any of mine ever did. You’ll be okay dude. I’m not sure if y’all broke up. I can just inference what happened. But stay strong man

  13. Eva Rosenbauer

    Eva Rosenbauer

    3 ore fa

    Really connected to this 🥺 especially when he was talking about how they were in 8th grade and obsessed with each other “think about her and play call of duty” that’s what me and my boyfriend do text each other all the time and play call of duty we are also going into 8th grade🥺

  14. Kristina


    4 ore fa

    yous will probably go back to each other when the time is right, hopefully

  15. Annalie vlogs beauty

    Annalie vlogs beauty

    4 ore fa

    What is this for ?¿!¡

  16. KatieLynn Korenek

    KatieLynn Korenek

    4 ore fa

    I understand the whole your partner looking like your parent and giving that attention, protection, and taking care of you. My husband does that for me. My father and I had such an amazing friendship but sometimes, he wasn’t there as a protective/caring father, just my bestfriend. My husband takes care of me like no one before, always makes sure I am okay even when I’m at my lowest or happiest.

  17. Neah Talise

    Neah Talise

    4 ore fa

    This broke my heart. I’ve watching you since before you guys started making videos together. This really hurt

  18. Anastasia Cristescu

    Anastasia Cristescu

    4 ore fa

    Jesus saves

  19. z_Nxghtmarez YT

    z_Nxghtmarez YT

    4 ore fa

    Wait I’ve been watching them forever I leave IT-state for like 4 months what happened to these 2 lovers like someone explain to me

  20. Arveja ajevra

    Arveja ajevra

    5 ore fa

    Okay so I watched them for years and watched their videos on their break up, normally I‘m like if they want it like that it‘s fine yk. But here I really don‘t get why they broke up. They both still like each other and all. But it‘s none of my business, as long as they‘re happy it will be fine.

  21. Jess


    5 ore fa

    Stay strong

  22. Victoria Martinez

    Victoria Martinez

    5 ore fa

    Can someone tell me what the fuck happened I’m so confused all I know is they broke up - .-

  23. Cadince Hamilton

    Cadince Hamilton

    5 ore fa

    So are you saying you will never get back with her? Like my question is are you open to the idea of getting back together down the road?

  24. Hannah _2580

    Hannah _2580

    5 ore fa

    While watching this a song came on called gabrielle

  25. Serpent Gaming

    Serpent Gaming

    5 ore fa

    I’m just depressed now 😐😔

  26. Lizz Wilson

    Lizz Wilson

    5 ore fa

    Been with you since your dorky basement middle school “how to get a guy to like you” videos and you’ve come so far🤍 Life takes us down many different paths and you’re going places no matter what💪🏼

  27. Diana Sánchez

    Diana Sánchez

    5 ore fa

    Oh my God this hurts and I discovered this channel 2 hours ago

  28. brazt channel

    brazt channel

    5 ore fa

    What happend no hate pls



    6 ore fa

    did u break up with gab?

  30. I'm Kinda Oddish

    I'm Kinda Oddish

    6 ore fa

    their relationship isn't over til they remove this account. just pray for them, I love you guys.

  31. Madison Ramage

    Madison Ramage

    6 ore fa

    i love jack and gab like to bring it back 😭

  32. Dallas Brown

    Dallas Brown

    6 ore fa

    i’m literally sobbing i feel like i just got broken up with

  33. Timo


    6 ore fa

    Can someone tell me what happend to the two

  34. Malaisha Miller

    Malaisha Miller

    6 ore fa

    Why!?🥺...they were the legit best couple ever ..I'm not crying 😢

  35. grandcalifornia


    6 ore fa

    Anyone know why they split and who initiated the breakup?

  36. Fernanda Barranco

    Fernanda Barranco

    6 ore fa

    He cheated on her and they broke up

  37. The Desk Art

    The Desk Art

    6 ore fa

    Do you remember the exact time it was ended

  38. It’s me Hailey

    It’s me Hailey

    7 ore fa

    I’m srry I don’t know what’s happening but did they break up

    • Fernanda Barranco

      Fernanda Barranco

      6 ore fa

      I’m pretty sure they did

  39. Nate Lilfiggy

    Nate Lilfiggy

    7 ore fa

    We are all here for u dude, rubber duckin daddy finna get better 🙂

  40. Alyssa Cohen

    Alyssa Cohen

    7 ore fa

    Did they break up!?? c

    • Fernanda Barranco

      Fernanda Barranco

      6 ore fa

      Pretty sure they did

  41. Brooklyn Hilton

    Brooklyn Hilton

    7 ore fa

    wait did thy break up if so why

  42. Caleb Webb

    Caleb Webb

    7 ore fa

    Bro I may not watch your videos that often but I'll say you got my full support. There's so many things that I'd love to tell you face to face but I know I cant, but all great things come to an end and it sucks but it's something we have to live thru. I'm literally cry thru this video, I've been thru this and I know how it feels and I'm sorry for you. Just hang in there and you'll get thru, there will never be anyone like her but you can try to find someone you like more.

  43. Bridger Prince

    Bridger Prince

    7 ore fa

    I went through the same thing with the girl I was with all of highschool and two years after and I’ll tell you man it still isn’t easy to this day. But I promise it does get easier, even when it feels like it doesn’t. Best of luck to you man, keep your head up and know that things will get better.

  44. Sam


    7 ore fa

    You’ll get back together

  45. Caleb Eckenrode

    Caleb Eckenrode

    7 ore fa

    Never heard of either one of them but...⛴🚢🛥🚤🛳 them

  46. magnus Arafat

    magnus Arafat

    7 ore fa

    I use to watch you guys all the time and this popped up on recommended, kinda shocked you broke up...

  47. ganz jot

    ganz jot

    7 ore fa

    I am still questioned of why they broke up.

  48. Brooke Manuel37

    Brooke Manuel37

    8 ore fa

    Idk why this showed up in my recommend but I watched the whole thing

  49. Sean Lyder

    Sean Lyder

    8 ore fa

    so we'll never know why this happened or what

  50. Sean Lyder

    Sean Lyder

    8 ore fa

    I respect this guy so much

  51. Moh shii

    Moh shii

    8 ore fa

    I loove love love your humor and talking so fondly of Gab despite is part of healing...one day things will look up again...that's the fair thing with life

  52. Omran Saeed

    Omran Saeed

    8 ore fa

    can someone tell me what happened

  53. Darion Grimes

    Darion Grimes

    8 ore fa

    I know exactly what your going through, lost a 3 year relationship

  54. Sofia Parodi

    Sofia Parodi

    8 ore fa

    The worst part about losing someone is that after you lost them you realized how much you miss them

  55. Cressida D'souza [St.Agn]

    Cressida D'souza [St.Agn]

    8 ore fa

    I'm feeling saaaddd😞..we love u Jack..

  56. Christian Hardy

    Christian Hardy

    8 ore fa

    All I'm gonna say is, that 2020 got me ALL the way fucked up!

  57. Kwiss H

    Kwiss H

    9 ore fa

    Wait I don’t think anyone cares

  58. Hailey Fuentes

    Hailey Fuentes

    9 ore fa

    Why did I get this notification I’m not even subscribed

    • drttyu liqm

      drttyu liqm

      8 ore fa

      keep your head up king

  59. Gamergirl Forever

    Gamergirl Forever

    9 ore fa

    Why did they brake up?

    • drttyu liqm

      drttyu liqm

      8 ore fa

      God dang it I never cry to videos thx for making me cry 😭😭

  60. Yellow_sunshine !

    Yellow_sunshine !

    9 ore fa

    I- I haven’t watched IT-state for a while and now I’m just watching it again- AND MY FAV IT-state COUPLE BREAKUP!?!? :( You guys were just perfect for each other-

  61. David Brown

    David Brown

    9 ore fa

    Hey man, Ik you’ll prolly never see this, and Ik it’s hard to go through this, I think we all have experienced something like this, I lived a bad life filled with addiction, abandonment, depression, poverty, it’s hard to loose someone you love the most, Expecally when there still living, my girl left me, I failed my sobriety, I went off the deep end, just know things are gonna get better, after ab 3 months of loosin the love of my life, I have gotten a job, I have worked on myself, mentally and physically, I have gotten a car, I have gotten my permit, I have been buying the cloths, and shoes I’ve always wanted but never been able to afford, just know things are gonna look better and brighter as time goes on, everything happens for a reason

  62. Tate The Great

    Tate The Great

    9 ore fa

    I want to say how much this helped me see that im not alone. At the start of the year my ex and I broke up and i was destroyed. It's been over six months and I still haven't completely gotten over it. But when you started talking about your highschool I started to see me sitting in front of that camera making the video. She was smart, funny, kept me grounded, talented in everything. She was the first person I drove around when I got my license, she always complained about her grades, and she always pushed me to be a better person. But, I struggle with anxiety and mild depression so this really hit home. If I can give you any advice, find you closest friends, and become even closer because I dont think I could have made it out without the support of as little 5 people. I'm here for you, we all are.

  63. ToucanAsaurus


    9 ore fa

    2020 went so fast

  64. Get Rekt

    Get Rekt

    9 ore fa

    I’m not crying your crying

  65. Jaclyn Ebeling

    Jaclyn Ebeling

    9 ore fa

    anyone else crying 😢

  66. Just A Guy

    Just A Guy

    9 ore fa

    What happened to them ??

  67. Abbie Sayers

    Abbie Sayers

    9 ore fa

    Please can someone reply, what happened, did Gabrielle break up with Jack or did Jack break up with Gabrielle or did one of them cheat.Btw, Jack you can get through this

  68. Nancy Poapst

    Nancy Poapst

    9 ore fa

    If I could I would give you a huge hug to try and help the pain.

  69. Colton Schneider

    Colton Schneider

    9 ore fa


  70. cool cool

    cool cool

    9 ore fa

    Work it out get back together 😫😫

  71. Kirito


    9 ore fa

    Who broke up with who?

  72. Apoorv Samant

    Apoorv Samant

    9 ore fa

    What happened can anyone explain?

  73. Kaylin Bree

    Kaylin Bree

    9 ore fa

    God dang it I never cry to videos thx for making me cry 😭😭

  74. PineappleFlavor


    9 ore fa

    keep your head up king

  75. Nicholas Blakiston

    Nicholas Blakiston

    9 ore fa

    I watched just the first minute and will say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone. Cheers.

  76. mxnika 210

    mxnika 210

    9 ore fa

    Jack, I wanted to just say that you are such an amazing person and I’ve been watching your newest videos of you opening up and me and I’m sure a load of others are so proud of the person you are no matter what is going on❤️

  77. Lily Lionheart

    Lily Lionheart

    10 ore fa

    Haven't watched the video yet, but I've watched jack and grabrielle a while ago, took a break, and recently I was starting to miss watching them.. and I come back to videos on videos of their breakup? It kinda shocked me.. I didn't think they'd end like this.. :(

  78. Oliver Gilliam

    Oliver Gilliam

    10 ore fa

    What happened someone inform me plss

  79. Nolan Daniel

    Nolan Daniel

    10 ore fa

    “It’s Awesome.... It was Awesome...” shit is so sad😭😭

  80. Baylee Hudnall

    Baylee Hudnall

    10 ore fa

    Run to Jesus 💖 praying for you!

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