Will Smith - Prince Ali (From "Aladdin")

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"Prince Ali"
Performed by Will Smith
From Disney's Aladdin (2019)
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Music video by Will Smith performing Prince Ali (From "Aladdin"). © 2020 Walt Disney Records


  1. MyLifeAsMom


    22 minuti fa

    This part its really satisfying to watch the dresses it so colorful

  2. Python Plays

    Python Plays

    32 minuti fa

    Let’s have f’s in the chat for will smith

  3. a c

    a c

    3 ore fa

    The original version: "Heard your princess was a sight lovely to see..." Will Smith: "Heard your pincess was HOT where is she..."

  4. Coby,s Videos

    Coby,s Videos

    3 ore fa

    Princ Ali Ali Ali Ali Alain’s alaiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. [La.e.YouTube] 라에유튜브

    [La.e.YouTube] 라에유튜브

    4 ore fa

  6. Joanie Michelle Roldan Moreno

    Joanie Michelle Roldan Moreno

    4 ore fa

    I like it. So cool 😎.

  7. Tricia Van Andler

    Tricia Van Andler

    5 ore fa

    I eat poop

  8. Mirna Hugo

    Mirna Hugo

    5 ore fa

    The best of Disney 👍❤❤❤❤🥰😘💐🌺⚘🌷🌹🎈

  9. Russ menizabal

    Russ menizabal

    5 ore fa

    Genie: hes got 75 golden camels Jasmine's Friend: OooOooO~ he's dang rich Jassy

  10. Aneesh Roghaan

    Aneesh Roghaan

    5 ore fa

    2:57 That's Will Smith right there!

  11. Stephen Mwana

    Stephen Mwana

    5 ore fa

    Will Smith my man! You don't deserve what Jada did to you. You deserve better.

  12. Hash


    6 ore fa

    7.3k comments if you find mine your are a legend, plz sub

  13. Naba Barman

    Naba Barman

    6 ore fa

    It actually one of the best parts of the movie

  14. Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa

    Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa

    6 ore fa

    Mrs circus Cinderella jones

  15. Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa

    Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa

    6 ore fa

    Or else no more CS50 or MIT or Maryland.org the pentagon you idiot shut up ok #robzahra

  16. Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa

    Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa

    6 ore fa

    So accept my PASS application my lesbian thespian love affair with HBS 2015

  17. Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa

    Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa

    6 ore fa

    Again this a supercharge economy

  18. Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa

    Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa

    6 ore fa

    Rob Zahara

  19. michelle Nour jasmien

    michelle Nour jasmien

    7 ore fa

    SharaAryoJelangSore18des07000.jpg, SharaAryoJelangSore18des07050.jpg

    • michelle Nour jasmien

      michelle Nour jasmien

      7 ore fa

      AuliaRochmiReportaseSore18des07002.jpg, AuliaRochmiReportaseSore18des07010.jpg

    • michelle Nour jasmien

      michelle Nour jasmien

      7 ore fa

      DaisyWekuReportaseSore18des07010.jpg, DaisyWekuReportaseSore18des07023.jpg

    • michelle Nour jasmien

      michelle Nour jasmien

      7 ore fa

      DivyDesyReportaseSore18des07000.jpg, DivyDesyReportaseSore18des07007.jpg

    • michelle Nour jasmien

      michelle Nour jasmien

      7 ore fa

      AnisaSuwendyJelangSore18des07021.jpg, AnisaSuwendyJelangSore18des07020.jpg

  20. 7 ELITE

    7 ELITE

    7 ore fa

    Mansa musa : am i a joke to you?

  21. Alisha Hasan(Student)

    Alisha Hasan(Student)

    7 ore fa

    i really like this song

  22. Kenneth James

    Kenneth James

    7 ore fa

    Will Smith doesn't deserve his spoiled family. Always take care of your self Mr.Will Smith.❤

  23. Amanpreet Singh

    Amanpreet Singh

    8 ore fa


  24. Yoyo Yoyoyoyo

    Yoyo Yoyoyoyo

    8 ore fa

    Looks like he got into an entanglement.

  25. SiimplyZ Rose

    SiimplyZ Rose

    9 ore fa

    Me: tells my friends who my crush is My friends: goes and tell crush Me: mad but i knew i was making a ridiculous chose telling them but i was fine with it kinda And then there's genie Genie: makes Aladdin's crush public for all

  26. Ah ha ha

    Ah ha ha

    10 ore fa

    Y’all cannot deny the change of the beat was fire 3:12

  27. Suman Das

    Suman Das

    10 ore fa


  28. Ka Koi

    Ka Koi

    11 ore fa

    Disney forgot to paint will Smith to be blue tho.

  29. Rockin Blaze

    Rockin Blaze

    11 ore fa

    I thought this was going to be a disappointment... I'm glad I was wrong.

  30. Rahul Sharma

    Rahul Sharma

    11 ore fa

    ngl Will was my favorite part of this movie

  31. Dr. Apollo

    Dr. Apollo

    11 ore fa

    So they just merged Arabian and Indian culture into one thing. K.

  32. Layla Catchum

    Layla Catchum

    12 ore fa

    Nobody. Not Aladdin. Not a person randomly in the crowd. Will Smith : HEarD YoUR PrINCess WaS HAwT.

  33. Duke Of Coxinhas

    Duke Of Coxinhas

    12 ore fa

    F Bel Air

  34. Dude Geeks

    Dude Geeks

    12 ore fa

    Okay there's only one way good way to watch this and it's at 1.25x speed. It's more energetic and fast like the original one. And I think this should of been more of a spectacle. Show alot of the stunts and choreography. And hey there's CGI. Have Aladdin do something besides looking awkward and do nothing. Have Genie poof him muscles whenever Genie says he's strong as ten men, have him stand up when the lyrics about the 100 bad guys with swords, and just make him do something. Other then that it was a pretty decent rendition of Prince Ali. And TBH I did enjoy the beat more in this one then the OG. So put the beat from this and edit it to go with the cartoon. Classic!

  35. ZachMaster97


    13 ore fa

    2:20 - 2:27, a camera move like that is something you should expect from a Guy Ritchie movie.

    • William Larrick

      William Larrick

      12 ore fa


  36. Isha Raj

    Isha Raj

    13 ore fa

    IT-state is so sneaky recommending this to me after Will Smith's wife's cheating scandal

  37. ッALADDIN


    13 ore fa

    Prince ali and Aladdin and saladdin and so much more 💪🇮🇶❤👑 IRAQ

  38. Isis Lewis

    Isis Lewis

    15 ore fa

    I couldn't help but laugh at "I heard yo princess was HAWT! where is she?" but when I looked up the lyrics for it, it originally said "I heard your princess was a lovely sight to see"

  39. Stick figure

    Stick figure

    16 ore fa

    They should've gotten Queen Latifa to play the female Genie.

  40. Robin Howe

    Robin Howe

    17 ore fa

    I am very pleased on how this Movie turned out.......... Will Smith played the Genie role very well ...... An all time favorite movie for all ages ......

  41. Brenda Mina

    Brenda Mina

    18 ore fa

    Love Prince Ali and Love Aladin

  42. Rebeccah *

    Rebeccah *

    19 ore fa

    Jasmine: So you're not really a prince Aladdin: I... Had an entanglement with... The genie

  43. Mavrick Serious

    Mavrick Serious

    19 ore fa


  44. Jamyia’s World

    Jamyia’s World

    19 ore fa

    Why does everyone hate this movie and why do they send hate to Will at least he didn’t copy and added a little flare if I can be honest when I watch this movie I get happy when ever I hear the songs I get hyped I love this movie so much I forced myself to learn the friend like me dance😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  45. AnimeRMX


    19 ore fa

    The song was trash, if it was Arabic or different language it would have been good.

  46. Ferus Biniam

    Ferus Biniam

    21 ora fa


  47. Isaac Barnett

    Isaac Barnett

    21 ora fa

    This absurdly bad live action is what I have come to expect from Disney, unfortunately.

  48. Rowena Ramsaran

    Rowena Ramsaran

    21 ora fa

    Daaaayyyyyyymmmmmm!!!!! Now that is an entrance!!!!!!

  49. Bronte Lee

    Bronte Lee

    21 ora fa

    Better @ 1.25x.

  50. Ally Lewis

    Ally Lewis

    22 ore fa

    I hate how they slowed down the song

  51. K-pop multi fandom Freak

    K-pop multi fandom Freak

    23 ore fa

    yo will smith in that indian wear is killing me!

  52. Elisse


    Giorno fa

    0:17 Is that kim k?

  53. PrinceAli


    Giorno fa

    I am prince ali😂

  54. Let's Change the WORLD

    Let's Change the WORLD

    Giorno fa

    3:16 favoritepart

  55. Red Abalde

    Red Abalde

    Giorno fa

    This was my favourite part in the original movie. I was praying this part will not suck in the live action move. I was blown away!

  56. 俺もうやばいかもしれない


    Giorno fa


  57. Aj Pollitt blair

    Aj Pollitt blair

    Giorno fa

    I love the movie

  58. Jamal Custodio

    Jamal Custodio

    Giorno fa

    Crazy recommendation of IT-state

  59. Briben YT

    Briben YT

    Giorno fa

    the one in cartoon is here it-state.com/v/m7LYZNhujs2RmLM/video.html

  60. LibrA Dave

    LibrA Dave

    Giorno fa

    Anybody else here again after the "entanglement" just to see a smile on Will's face again?

  61. sun kyoung kim

    sun kyoung kim

    Giorno fa

    이거 저작권 위반 아닌가?

  62. Blizzard Amber

    Blizzard Amber

    Giorno fa

    "Brush up your Friday Salah" Disney did their research this time lol. Friday Salah is Friday prayers for Muslims. Of course, a Muslim prays five times a day everyday, but Friday prayers are most special (it's like Sunday is important for Christians). The Friday prayer is also called "Jummah".

  63. AlphaIkaros


    Giorno fa

    NGL, I thought Aladdin live action would be mediocre as Beauty and the Beast, but thank god this one is the most decent out of all their Live Action movies.

  64. Abdul Haque

    Abdul Haque

    Giorno fa

    Genie: Yummy boy! Me: YASS QUEEN

  65. Lucie.루시


    Giorno fa

    Prince of Bel air and Prince Ali !

  66. Ugochukwu Nwachukwu

    Ugochukwu Nwachukwu

    Giorno fa

    This performance was better than the one in the animated movie

  67. A Wanderer

    A Wanderer

    Giorno fa

    This version at the 1.25 speed is absolutely wonderful and energetic!

  68. Ezwan Hasan

    Ezwan Hasan

    Giorno fa

    *Keep your head up King*

  69. Gale Winds

    Gale Winds

    Giorno fa

    Will Smith - bless him. He absolutely owned the opening song but his version of *Prince Ali* is not in the league of great Robin Williams.

  70. Jesal Kanani

    Jesal Kanani

    Giorno fa

    I am an Indian and this made me laugh Alot

  71. Cathy Burke

    Cathy Burke

    Giorno fa

    Now this is what I call......... AN ENTRANCE

  72. Lord Harambe

    Lord Harambe

    Giorno fa

    What kind of entanglement will smith got himself into now

  73. jommell de jesus

    jommell de jesus

    Giorno fa


  74. PuBg iS mY lIFe

    PuBg iS mY lIFe

    Giorno fa


  75. Liz Freyer

    Liz Freyer

    Giorno fa

    Will Smith made a perfect genie 🧞‍♂️

  76. Lee Luna

    Lee Luna

    Giorno fa

    Do not talk about jems.. Lol

  77. Breanna love

    Breanna love

    Giorno fa

    I love all the colors and outfits💕love this movie🥰

  78. MatSuazo


    Giorno fa

    nothing better than the most powerful creature in all existence singing

  79. Amy Garcia

    Amy Garcia

    Giorno fa

    me encanta la película

  80. chely ಌಌ chanಌ

    chely ಌಌ chanಌ

    Giorno fa

    Got me some goosebumps. Will Smith can't sing for shit but everything else was so amazing we can bypass that

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