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  1. Duby Latul

    Duby Latul

    3 ore fa

    omg this is s funny lmao

  2. claramaybe


    3 ore fa

    where is this jumper from? it's iconic

  3. Laura Lee

    Laura Lee

    3 ore fa

    Thank you

  4. Tiffany Brown

    Tiffany Brown

    3 ore fa


  5. Alyssa Danielle

    Alyssa Danielle

    3 ore fa

    dude your skin looks so good 🤩

  6. maddie joyy

    maddie joyy

    4 ore fa

    girll we need a skincare routine 😩

  7. Noémie Pelchat

    Noémie Pelchat

    4 ore fa

    This is the amount of times Emma said « you know » ⬇️

  8. Mark Parkey

    Mark Parkey

    4 ore fa

    . . . ( awesome ) . . .

  9. michaela perez

    michaela perez

    4 ore fa


  10. Kylie VanDine

    Kylie VanDine

    4 ore fa

    I’m really vibin with blonde emma right now

  11. Claire Gloster

    Claire Gloster

    4 ore fa

    you have said literally nothing about the blm movement and there is no excuse for it.... you have such a huge platform like what you doin sis

  12. Summer98


    4 ore fa

    I also take that white thing of the eggs out 😂 P.s: You look good with blonde hair!

  13. salma saleh

    salma saleh

    5 ore fa

    emma i love ur style and i love ur new hair and old hair so everything u do is cooooooooooooooooooooooooool and hooooooooooooot so ily byeeeeeeeeeeee oh and ur skin is so smooth looking pls tell me wut did u use ily byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. Jeffrey Jupp

    Jeffrey Jupp

    5 ore fa

    Skin on point

  15. Delaney Wildermuth

    Delaney Wildermuth

    5 ore fa

    How dare you use that monstrous alarm clock sound in your transition 😂

  16. Taylor Jean

    Taylor Jean

    6 ore fa


  17. Tlotliso Ledwaba

    Tlotliso Ledwaba

    6 ore fa

    the hair compliments the skin, and its so pretty

  18. Bumperz


    6 ore fa

    Bring the coffee slime merch back 😭😭

  19. Jacqueline


    6 ore fa

    At 5:08, WHYYYYYYY. Got PTSD and almost dashed my phone 😂😂

  20. RoyalNotoriousMORE


    6 ore fa

    i almost cut my hair for a Omegle video...let that sink in.

  21. James Pereira

    James Pereira

    6 ore fa

    The colour is nice, but it’s a little to warm for you, definitely go for more of a grey or silver/white, will compliment you so much

  22. Alicia H

    Alicia H

    6 ore fa

    Lovechild of Draco Malfoy and Luna Lovegood vibes. In all realness it looks great on you but I also loved the brown, it made you look more mature/sophisticated whereas the blonde looks more youthful and glow-y. Both are great

  23. Haven Lloyd

    Haven Lloyd

    7 ore fa

    go platinum

  24. Mr. Cromwell

    Mr. Cromwell

    7 ore fa

    We need to get this racist cancelled

  25. leahg311


    7 ore fa

    wait i love it tho

  26. Mariam Jaffal

    Mariam Jaffal

    7 ore fa

    hey i was wondering when did ur period come and how i know this is so wei rd but im a girl so i was just wondering



    7 ore fa

    I came to your channel becuz of doctor mike🖐🖐🙂

  28. Anna Claudia

    Anna Claudia

    8 ore fa

    you lowkey look like the guy from tiger king with the jean jacket, white tank, and orange pants lmao

  29. Hermione Granger

    Hermione Granger

    8 ore fa

    4:45 Me and my inner potter head: OMGGG AAAAAAAHHHH

  30. Emma Sophia Coleman

    Emma Sophia Coleman

    8 ore fa

    Hello, my name is Emma, I’m also blond, and also a vegetarian

  31. Maaz Rafiq

    Maaz Rafiq

    8 ore fa

    good job my sweet and dreams sister and I like your channels

  32. Evan FL

    Evan FL

    8 ore fa

    if you season your eggs before there cooked it breaks down the egg and makes the eggs less fluffy just saying lol

  33. Giselle Menendez

    Giselle Menendez

    9 ore fa

    who remembers enmas phase where she would just liten to that on song hard times??? just me okay

  34. 21katiecats


    9 ore fa

    That little white thing in the egg is where the chick would be growing 🥺😅💙

  35. Ashley Anna Taylor

    Ashley Anna Taylor

    9 ore fa

    you know the world's gonna end when Emma finds her "perfect blonde" and jojo goes brunette.

  36. MAJA M

    MAJA M

    9 ore fa

    you look g r e a t

  37. Babe from da hood

    Babe from da hood

    10 ore fa

    I love it emma😩💗💗💗

  38. diamond


    10 ore fa

    “I literally 😛✌🏼 I cant believe it” 😹❤️

  39. Manisha Patel

    Manisha Patel

    10 ore fa

    Tmi on the guest bathroom situation man 😂 . TMIIIIII!!

  40. KC namp

    KC namp

    11 ore fa

    Egg? Isn’t she vegetarian?? Well I don’t mind it’s just that 😳

  41. Michelle


    11 ore fa

    i honestly think emma looks so pretty blonde, but this hairdresser did her dirty.. it's such a weird blonde? like orange-yellowy and just all of it the same color? like no highlights or anything, it looks like she just bleached her hair at home. I would def go to another saloon.

  42. Chara Spiro

    Chara Spiro

    11 ore fa


  43. Stella M

    Stella M

    11 ore fa

    someone please remind me to watch emma’s videos more, i love her

  44. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss

    11 ore fa

    I died😂 when she said, "They're probably lying coz they feel bad for me" 😹😹

  45. Chicken Noodle

    Chicken Noodle

    14 ore fa

    Emma should have made her hair black tho

  46. Anna Tarasenko

    Anna Tarasenko

    14 ore fa

    5:09 Jesus fackin I hate this sound

  47. Emily Louise Risby

    Emily Louise Risby

    14 ore fa

    welcome back, blondie

    • bilishu aliss

      bilishu aliss

      11 ore fa

      when im out of toilet paper i use the cardboard to wipe my ass 💀

  48. Wite Man76

    Wite Man76

    14 ore fa

    1:01 noooooooo :c you so sad don't cry

  49. Shannon McCrossen

    Shannon McCrossen

    15 ore fa

    I just want to tone her hair so bad

  50. Miss Lemon

    Miss Lemon

    15 ore fa

    Oh 😍 I just started doing IT-state videos and you are such an inspiration to me ✨

  51. Nikki Charlene

    Nikki Charlene

    15 ore fa

    Did Emma move!? Her house looks WAAAY more huge or maybe it’s different angles haha

  52. B N

    B N

    15 ore fa

    I don’t think I’ve laughed this much since this stupid virus 😢😂😂😂 I love you so much Emma, pls never change ❤️

  53. Coffee Princess

    Coffee Princess

    15 ore fa

    Why do you look like your 13? O_o

  54. adwrestler Wrestling

    adwrestler Wrestling

    16 ore fa

    I do sorta miss the old blonde hair ahaha oh and the old IT-state profile when she was blonde with a beanie

  55. Christopher Anime

    Christopher Anime

    16 ore fa

    God I miss watching your videos I haven't seen them in a while.

  56. Persona Slates

    Persona Slates

    16 ore fa

    Girl, please lay off the drugs you look terrible.

  57. Avakin girl

    Avakin girl

    17 ore fa

    Я одна пришла послушать голос эммы

  58. Latimer Harris-Ward

    Latimer Harris-Ward

    17 ore fa

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  59. Christabel Tan

    Christabel Tan

    17 ore fa

    i came from tiktok uwu

  60. Paola Delgado

    Paola Delgado

    17 ore fa

    Don’t ever change Emma plz ❤️

  61. Lili Krystal

    Lili Krystal

    17 ore fa

    Nah, the hair is terrible. very plain and tacky tbh

  62. Reagan Hartnett

    Reagan Hartnett

    17 ore fa

    when im out of toilet paper i use the cardboard to wipe my ass 💀

  63. ruby s

    ruby s

    17 ore fa


  64. barbara leopoldo

    barbara leopoldo

    18 ore fa

    emma while she had brown hair: * profile picture from while she was blond * emma now that she went back to blond: * brown hair profile picture * me: wHAT THE HELL????????

  65. David Hofer

    David Hofer

    18 ore fa

    Emma...u legit look like Villanelle from Killing Eve

  66. The real Hessa.

    The real Hessa.

    18 ore fa

    She look sick, but I like it

  67. mariam A

    mariam A

    18 ore fa

    u look soooooo goooooddd

  68. stationseventeenx


    19 ore fa

    Does anybody know where her sunglasses are from? 🥺🥺🥺 or what to type to find them. 😩

  69. Rachet Rachel

    Rachet Rachel

    19 ore fa

    Go blonder

  70. nancy talley

    nancy talley

    19 ore fa

    emma we loveeeeee it

  71. Giana Nicole

    Giana Nicole

    19 ore fa

    and i once wiped my makeup off with a feminine wipe 😂😂😂😂

  72. nurnadhirah


    19 ore fa

    why did i think you were born blonde

  73. mace


    20 ore fa

    A SHEET MASK!!! I'M ROLLING, 🤣🤣🤣! Girl, we've all been there stuck with no square to spare.

  74. charlotte ah

    charlotte ah

    20 ore fa

    it looks so goodddddddd

  75. Olivia McKnight

    Olivia McKnight

    20 ore fa

    @emma the white thing in the egg Is the umbilical cord

  76. Sarah Sun

    Sarah Sun

    20 ore fa

    Is it just me or does Emma look like young Billie Eilish before the black and green

  77. Nikola Kate B

    Nikola Kate B

    20 ore fa

    I don’t wanna be a dick but I love you brunette more ❤️❤️ you look amazing anyway but yeah 😂

  78. Nikola Kate B

    Nikola Kate B

    20 ore fa

    Im commenting at 3:00 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Your unreal

  79. Ashley Lear

    Ashley Lear

    20 ore fa

    Kinda looks like Alex Cooper. Petition for Emma to be the new daddy.

  80. Lía Monique

    Lía Monique

    21 ora fa

    you should have taken a shower after that, lol you can get an infection

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