Strade Bianche 2014 - HD Full race -


  1. DNS 123

    DNS 123

    28 giorni fa

    Thank you

  2. mani de villiers

    mani de villiers

    4 mesi fa

    Race awesome great winner

  3. Sport Live

    Sport Live

    Anno fa

    Чувак давай я тебя найду в вк

  4. Blog4Justice


    Anno fa

    Too many adverts!

  5. w k

    w k

    Anno fa

    54:45 .. nice attack!

  6. Jerzy Kryszczynski

    Jerzy Kryszczynski

    2 anni fa

    Brawo Kwiatkowski . Super Pozdrawiamy

  7. tom amos

    tom amos

    2 anni fa

    He's probably doping. If you can outsprint sagan, you must be on some good stuff.

  8. yydujh 1st

    yydujh 1st

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  9. Pol Thomas KEELEY

    Pol Thomas KEELEY

    3 anni fa

    Great race. Look at Sagan now: ever on the rise... Hope Michal can get some good wins once again in 2017. Wondering if the move to SKY paid off. Then again, let's see what Sagan does with BORA-H. What a season ahead. Can't wait!

  10. jeyleeizgodly


    5 anni fa

    east europeans are doing very good in cycling at the moment good to see

  11. David Simons

    David Simons

    5 anni fa

    Thanks for upload

  12. Nojikuzus


    5 anni fa

    How is the last 60km the "full race"?

    • Sam Smith

      Sam Smith

      4 anni fa

      +Nojikuzus Well its not technically the full race but if the last 60K is all the network aired... then that's all he can upload. Sometimes they don't show the full stage right from the gun.

  13. Leo Bugtai

    Leo Bugtai

    5 anni fa

    power output is unreal

  14. J Wastag

    J Wastag

    5 anni fa

    1:32:07 - The GCN guy talking to the 2014's road race rainbow jersey - couldn't expect that at the moment...

  15. hadock32


    6 anni fa

    Jesus, Sagan really overrated himself in this race.

    • Smattless


      5 anni fa

      Peter is an amazing rider, so entertaining and charming to watch, but he really needs to become tactically smarter.

  16. XJevoX


    6 anni fa

    I think Kwiatkowski should stay as a leader in classics, and not trying to become a GC contender in grand tours. Anaway, great race this, and good win by Michal. Also hats off to Sagan as well...

  17. Richard Le

    Richard Le

    6 anni fa

    that wheelsucker polish

    • mattsnow81


      6 anni fa

      @Tomek Czapiewski Kwiatkowski is from Poland :D

    • Tomek Czapiewski

      Tomek Czapiewski

      6 anni fa

      Sagan is from Slovakia.

  18. Gira Pan

    Gira Pan

    6 anni fa


  19. MajorRich MisterRight

    MajorRich MisterRight

    6 anni fa

    Nicely Done.

  20. SwedishHouseFifa


    6 anni fa

    The legend Dan Lloyd!

    • Simon Hills

      Simon Hills

      5 anni fa

      @SwedishHouseFifa you mean... "The Boss"

  21. Nicolas Rodriguez

    Nicolas Rodriguez

    6 anni fa

    Amazing race and amazing video. Very good quality. And watch out for this polish rider Kwiatowski. In a couple of years time and more racing and experience under his belt‚ he's gonna be able to play with the big guys and contend in the Grand Tours as well as keep on winning classics

    • Tomek Darda

      Tomek Darda

      5 anni fa

      It seems you were right man. He's World Champion now, the classics wait in the spring and Grand Tours some day maybe?

  22. Laurent Laffineur

    Laurent Laffineur

    6 anni fa

    Oh Thank You !!!

  23. Miguel Borrego

    Miguel Borrego

    6 anni fa

    Le top ! merci !

  24. medvanporjo


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  25. Robert Frank

    Robert Frank

    6 anni fa


  26. vala orome

    vala orome

    6 anni fa

    Gracias desde España!! Are you going to upload ROMA MÁXIMA with this excellent quality?? Thanks

  27. Robert Diez

    Robert Diez

    6 anni fa

    I hope you can upload paris nice an the tour down under.

  28. Graham Holdaway

    Graham Holdaway

    6 anni fa

    Many thanks for this upload!

  29. Szymek Zacharski

    Szymek Zacharski

    6 anni fa

    Good Bye Peter jak to pięknie brzmi ...

  30. FA1L3NFOE


    6 anni fa

    This channel is amazing

  31. Piotr Tabaczyński

    Piotr Tabaczyński

    6 anni fa

    majstersztyk w wykonaniu KWIATO :)

  32. Juan Mata

    Juan Mata

    6 anni fa

    great job AMADOR Costa Rica Power

    • Robert Diez

      Robert Diez

      6 anni fa

      I'm friends with Amador he is really cool shows you stuff that you hardly get to see from the races. I saw team bikes before they got shown on major websites.

  33. MMORB


    6 anni fa

    Goodbye Peter!!

  34. Tomek Kaz

    Tomek Kaz

    6 anni fa

    Brawo Kwiatek!

  35. Pepper Berry

    Pepper Berry

    6 anni fa

    Thanks for uploading. Cheers from Australia.

  36. jgmaxi59


    6 anni fa

    IT-state Is Good For To Repeat The Vidéo .

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