Mulatto - Muwop (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane

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  1. Sco Bidnez

    Sco Bidnez

    6 ore fa

    Nice flows you got heat lil mama

  2. B


    6 ore fa


  3. Layla Telle

    Layla Telle

    6 ore fa

    My bitch lol

  4. Salimah Carpenter

    Salimah Carpenter

    6 ore fa

    The little girl is the beginning is so cute.

  5. Janet howard

    Janet howard

    6 ore fa

    Damn she rode this beat!! One of my favorite Gucci songs.. Ayyeee!!🔥🔥🔥

  6. Brianna Hum

    Brianna Hum

    6 ore fa

    I fw Lotto but she gotta learn how to dance or something lol

  7. Boss O

    Boss O

    6 ore fa


  8. M.U.L.A


    7 ore fa

    But Gucci's verse...sheeshhh ! It's GUCCI !

  9. Zipporah Hill

    Zipporah Hill

    7 ore fa

    Gucci snapped

  10. wakeemupnish


    7 ore fa

    I just love her accent

  11. wakeemupnish


    7 ore fa

  12. Thracey Nyahonika

    Thracey Nyahonika

    7 ore fa

    It just started and I’m lovvvinnnn itt

  13. The Black Esthetician

    The Black Esthetician

    7 ore fa

    Another hit and they still sleep 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. Ariel Williams

    Ariel Williams

    7 ore fa

    Love how she had darker women in this ❤️❤️

  15. Denise B.

    Denise B.

    7 ore fa

    BIG LATTOOOOO‼️💪🏾🔥🔥🔥

  16. claped moore

    claped moore

    7 ore fa

    The only way to likes this because she so body parts

  17. Maria M

    Maria M

    7 ore fa

    This shit definitely sounds better then that wap trash🤪

  18. tsunamibarz channel

    tsunamibarz channel

    8 ore fa


  19. bilias hour

    bilias hour

    8 ore fa

    Gucci come back when u decide u finally wanna add the “YEEEAAAAHHHHHH” to the song the right way 😂😂😂😂😂 This song is so bomb 😍

  20. Wonder Abigail

    Wonder Abigail

    8 ore fa

    It's all the melanin in this video for me

  21. Tay Brown

    Tay Brown

    8 ore fa


  22. Adri P

    Adri P

    8 ore fa

    Fucking love her ❤

    • bilias hour

      bilias hour

      8 ore fa

      Latto were u get that yellow wet look outfit in your bfts video. I want one

  23. Cameron Jackson

    Cameron Jackson

    8 ore fa

    0:40 in she spazzing

  24. Tamika Lewis

    Tamika Lewis

    8 ore fa


  25. Rie’s World

    Rie’s World

    9 ore fa


  26. Prince Loveless

    Prince Loveless

    9 ore fa

    Gucci was solid on this

  27. Etree Cosmo

    Etree Cosmo

    9 ore fa


  28. Isaac Nais Nabaasa

    Isaac Nais Nabaasa

    9 ore fa

    How come GucciMane didn't say "it's Gucci" at the start of his verse? 😔

  29. Mo X

    Mo X

    9 ore fa

    Check out “ Pricy Savage “ by Mo X just dropped yesterday MOVIEEEEEE

  30. Mo X

    Mo X

    9 ore fa

  31. mario williams

    mario williams

    9 ore fa

  32. Charolette chessher

    Charolette chessher

    9 ore fa

    Who grandma or mom was on the porch she was on point no that little girl 💯🔥❤️

  33. Change Your Energy

    Change Your Energy

    9 ore fa

    I bet she didn't even finish 10th grade. Smh@ y mfs think that illiterate soundin talk is coo

  34. Diyah Ambi

    Diyah Ambi

    10 ore fa

    I love this video and the end 🙏🏾❤💚🖤

  35. Davante Jonathan

    Davante Jonathan

    10 ore fa

    Your my guy Gucci

  36. Abosolom Byrd

    Abosolom Byrd

    10 ore fa

    She is the truth the best female spitter this generation!!!!

  37. 113candy


    10 ore fa

    Latto were u get that yellow wet look outfit in your bfts video. I want one

  38. Preachers Daughter

    Preachers Daughter

    10 ore fa

    Big Latto up next!!! Lil sis be snappin!

  39. Grace Posey

    Grace Posey

    10 ore fa


  40. Pau Villarino

    Pau Villarino

    10 ore fa


  41. James Dean

    James Dean

    11 ore fa Basketball highlights

  42. Kendra Hinnant

    Kendra Hinnant

    11 ore fa

    This my new anthem 😌

  43. Michael Stewart

    Michael Stewart

    11 ore fa

    Da Ass tho 😍😍😍😍😍

  44. Somidotun Idowu

    Somidotun Idowu

    11 ore fa

    Who saw what she did with nle

  45. GraysSkies


    11 ore fa

    I just wished her name wasn’t what it is...she’s got the IT factor though.

  46. Derrell Cobb

    Derrell Cobb

    12 ore fa


  47. Fumi Toronto

    Fumi Toronto

    12 ore fa

    It’s the nod at Breonna Taylor and lyrics for me

  48. Shirajai


    12 ore fa

    Despite the lyrics she looked classy throughout the video....real expensive like

  49. Kewisweets Boutique

    Kewisweets Boutique

    12 ore fa


  50. varna tait

    varna tait

    12 ore fa


  51. Sign The Artist

    Sign The Artist

    12 ore fa

    Added to submit your music

  52. SuperChiko K&R. 2.3

    SuperChiko K&R. 2.3

    13 ore fa

    This was so hard

  53. Simply Serenity

    Simply Serenity

    13 ore fa

    Love all the beautiful shades 🍫✨

  54. Angel Munguia

    Angel Munguia

    13 ore fa

    Freaky gurl by GUCCI MANE

  55. Coolio Boolio the 3rd

    Coolio Boolio the 3rd

    13 ore fa

    DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO THE OTHER GIRLS ARE IM IN LOVEEEEEE! Especially the one with the pink visor.

  56. Brian Clark

    Brian Clark

    14 ore fa

    song didnt need gucci.

  57. Ms. Brown

    Ms. Brown

    15 ore fa

    The chocolate chics!!!!!!!!❤️🍫

  58. Adriana David

    Adriana David

    15 ore fa

    2010 vibes😍😍

  59. YaGurlz


    15 ore fa

    It’s the black girls in the video for me

  60. Jah -Jah

    Jah -Jah

    16 ore fa

    Anyone felt a sudden urge to buy a kandy vape...😅😅😅. Smh

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