DaBaby - Rockstar feat. Roddy Ricch (Official Music Video)

DaBaby - Rockstar feat. Roddy Ricch (Official Music Video)
Written | Directed by Reel Goats
Produced by Spicy Rico
Executive Produced by DaBaby
Production Manager: Shaq Gonzoe
Production Coordinator : Gemini
Assistant Director : Gabi Rico
DP: Logan Meis & James Rico
Steadicam : Aser Santos
A/C : Phillip Hoang
Production Assistant : Robin James
Production Assistant: Kosmic Shots
Production Assistant: Nae
VFX : Scissor Films
VFX: Joe Grayem


  1. PauPau Ungria

    PauPau Ungria

    6 ore fa

    I hope you already know why they're on white 🤘🤟🤘

  2. Asger Sørensen

    Asger Sørensen

    6 ore fa

    Tf is this shit

  3. Isaiah Turner

    Isaiah Turner

    6 ore fa

    Jesus is coming That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed. Romans 10:9‭-‬11 KJV

  4. Ali Smaili

    Ali Smaili

    6 ore fa

    jeez, the last of us 3 looking good already

  5. Cool Squashy

    Cool Squashy

    6 ore fa

    This is not a music video this is a zombie game 🤣

  6. Alex Bates

    Alex Bates

    6 ore fa

    the fact that I think that actor of the zombie is actually dead-

  7. Gangster Lincoln

    Gangster Lincoln

    6 ore fa

    Why cant we not have music like this in our days luckily i resurrected to hear this

  8. Haymik.Capalot


    6 ore fa

    Only People who came from TikTok Can Like This.

  9. Fists Of Fury

    Fists Of Fury

    6 ore fa

    This song so fucking fire 🔥 🔥🔥

  10. Deathy Deat

    Deathy Deat

    6 ore fa

    Why does DaBaby look like KSI

  11. Social Vibez

    Social Vibez

    6 ore fa

    He got grabbed and he was wiggling his legs it had me dead 💀

  12. Metal Punch

    Metal Punch

    6 ore fa

    Where is rock man?

  13. Nege Jay

    Nege Jay

    6 ore fa

    Raw freestyle video 🇳🇬🎶🌠

  14. ACU unit 777

    ACU unit 777

    6 ore fa

    Nobody: Roddy Ricch in the background:👋👋👋👋👋 👋

  15. Evan Herron

    Evan Herron

    6 ore fa

    dis shit is fye i want to be signed to dababy cause he my favorite rapper

  16. Остин Дункан

    Остин Дункан

    6 ore fa

    This is da best It's so fire thanks for making dis

  17. Wanna Ballard

    Wanna Ballard

    6 ore fa

    Jzune 26

  18. CallMeElytro


    6 ore fa

    When amazing grace came on I thought it was sum else reminds me of look at me Music video by x when riot played

  19. Jj


    6 ore fa

    Fortnite freaks *exist* real ones *been existing* tiktok *fakes* this may be an offending ass comment but

  20. MUI JustGaming

    MUI JustGaming

    6 ore fa

    Nice gun dude

  21. im Swade

    im Swade

    6 ore fa

    Call of Duty: The Music Video

  22. crazed Cozy

    crazed Cozy

    6 ore fa


  23. Hot Tea

    Hot Tea

    6 ore fa

    Some walking dead typa shi

  24. katrina Wall

    katrina Wall

    6 ore fa

    The baby sexy chocolate. I know its Dababy.

  25. Lenci xX

    Lenci xX

    6 ore fa

    I don’t like dis song anymore bc it plays 24/7 on da radio and tiktokers who can’t dance like da hype house ruined it

  26. my play house yay

    my play house yay

    6 ore fa

    Tik tok this fire

  27. Mia Mickens

    Mia Mickens

    6 ore fa

    I came from the noti🔥🤜🏽🤛🏽

  28. PotatoMaster Stonk

    PotatoMaster Stonk

    6 ore fa

    Rip George Floyd we all miss you

  29. nikxtr tr

    nikxtr tr

    6 ore fa

    imagine to steal beat from this song

  30. ToSte


    6 ore fa

    Wow, one of the best rap videos I've ever seen



    6 ore fa

    who else wants lil baby and dababy to make a song

  32. Billy X Kid

    Billy X Kid

    6 ore fa

    Fire summer song

  33. Yikes


    6 ore fa

  34. Charles Palmer

    Charles Palmer

    6 ore fa

    This video is full of gun safety violations..

  35. F.B.I _

    F.B.I _

    6 ore fa

    When you have foregrip and aim assist

  36. Emmanuel A

    Emmanuel A

    6 ore fa

    Dababy and Roddy really want me to believe this song is about blowing zombie brains 🤣🤣🤣

  37. Ktel


    6 ore fa

    Tik tokers like here

  38. ___mathew____


    6 ore fa

    with blood and guns in this video they still get ads but if a fortnite youtuber says something somewhat controversial they will get demonitozed, it’s ridiculous this site is a shit show

  39. Yiğit Alp özmen

    Yiğit Alp özmen

    6 ore fa

    My ALLAH safe this song from a tiktok

  40. ashlynn Griffin

    ashlynn Griffin

    6 ore fa

    Black lives matter ✊🏼

  41. Shadows of a Silhouette

    Shadows of a Silhouette

    6 ore fa

    Hey guys, please check out our latest music video! We are an indie, rock band based in the UK trying to boost our following. We are always making new music and would really appreciate your support! You can also find us on Spotify, Instagram and Facebook.

  42. 1andonlyzarrie queen

    1andonlyzarrie queen

    6 ore fa

    The fact that Roddy ricch look about 16 years old🤧🤧🤭🤭

  43. Гамид Ахмедов

    Гамид Ахмедов

    6 ore fa

    Ля одни буржуи в комментах

  44. Nunya Biznezz

    Nunya Biznezz

    6 ore fa

    They really tryna exploit these tragedys for profit. Crazy then they say Black Lives Matter like they actually give a fuck, smh

  45. Paige Duggan

    Paige Duggan

    6 ore fa

    Zombie apocalypse I’m with these guys.

  46. Hyper X Rooted

    Hyper X Rooted

    6 ore fa


  47. Nevaeh's Beehive

    Nevaeh's Beehive

    6 ore fa

    10k haters disliked this video 😂❓

  48. JePapa AanDeRanja

    JePapa AanDeRanja

    6 ore fa

    TikTok destroys good songs change my mind

  49. haha vanessa

    haha vanessa

    6 ore fa

    tik tok yeah yeah yeahh but can we talk about dababy and his daughter🥺🥺

  50. the smith gang

    the smith gang

    6 ore fa


  51. JINN AMV


    6 ore fa

    This was techs real last of us 2 trailer

  52. Gabriel Shelton

    Gabriel Shelton

    6 ore fa

    This man Roddy got the R-90

  53. Chris Vazquez

    Chris Vazquez

    6 ore fa

    People like these can keep dreaming on being rockstars No matter how famous you are That’s not what makes you rockstar

  54. Mohammad Faisal P. Amer

    Mohammad Faisal P. Amer

    6 ore fa

    S U B U R B A N



    6 ore fa

    Heard this the first day it came out

  56. Eric Mclemore

    Eric Mclemore

    6 ore fa

    Damn this views going up real fast 🤔

  57. Moonmodel


    6 ore fa

    It's always cringey when any rapper talks about/plays guitar... holy fuck lol. Sorry but you wouldnt have enough talent to even play open chords, lol please stick to auto tune. Btw half the shots you guys are holding the firearms awkwardly/wrong

  58. antonio arroyo

    antonio arroyo

    6 ore fa

    i like the social distancing between them xd

  59. Joshua Woods

    Joshua Woods

    6 ore fa

    I feel like this in the same spot J Cole did middle child

  60. Moonmodel


    6 ore fa

    Song 🔥 Video 😖😴😴

  61. เฟริส' แล็ค

    เฟริส' แล็ค

    6 ore fa


  62. Xard


    6 ore fa

    At least i didnt come here from tiktok

  63. jgil


    6 ore fa

    I see acting days coming up

  64. Lonnix da rapkiddo

    Lonnix da rapkiddo

    6 ore fa

    "cops pull me out and tryna embarrass me" rings a bell to anyone?🙏🙏

  65. leeyah Princess

    leeyah Princess

    6 ore fa


  66. Sharon Smith Laughlin

    Sharon Smith Laughlin

    6 ore fa

    love this song

  67. zlatano ibrahimovicio

    zlatano ibrahimovicio

    6 ore fa

    This comment will have 10.000 likes

  68. Uriel Azpeitia

    Uriel Azpeitia

    6 ore fa

    The best video everrrrrrr

  69. Xarionn Foreman

    Xarionn Foreman

    6 ore fa

    Make the movie dameee

  70. Amina cucuk kebab

    Amina cucuk kebab

    6 ore fa

    Why is everyone talking about who came from Tiktok instead of talking about how good the song is ???

  71. Juan Portillo

    Juan Portillo

    6 ore fa

    Ayy Dababy N RoddyRich Need To Start Makin Movies This Music Video Is Litt Asf!....💯💯💯💯

  72. Artcy Shutes

    Artcy Shutes

    6 ore fa

    The zombie playing the guitar got me rollin😝😜

  73. PAIN YT


    6 ore fa

    They had us in the first half Still a bubblegum rap

  74. Lonnix da rapkiddo

    Lonnix da rapkiddo

    6 ore fa

    Like they acting new section of "resident evil" but like rap rockstars😂😂

  75. simon


    6 ore fa

    Wait, are you telling me that this appeared in tiktok?

  76. frank play's

    frank play's

    6 ore fa

    This why I don't mess with dababy he got a glock and if he not carrying one he just summon it

  77. batty boy

    batty boy

    6 ore fa

    Iv been listening 2 the song ever since it came out but this video is hella sick

  78. zorxy xd

    zorxy xd

    6 ore fa

    what is the song at 4:26 its kinda fire ngl

  79. Nick Chilcoat

    Nick Chilcoat

    6 ore fa

    Shittt here before this blows up

  80. itowickedcrack 16

    itowickedcrack 16

    6 ore fa

    The last of us part 3: DaBaby and roddy ricch

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