Robert Pattinson Hates Twilight

Robbert Pattinson is Happy Twilight is Over


  1. Chandra Chooni

    Chandra Chooni

    20 ore fa

    who here is in love with robert... i am

  2. Harinderjit Singh Dhaliwal

    Harinderjit Singh Dhaliwal

    Giorno fa

    And i thought robert loved the film

  3. Lizzy Kitten

    Lizzy Kitten

    Giorno fa

    even worse was that they used yahoo as a search engine.

  4. Thảo Nguyễn

    Thảo Nguyễn

    Giorno fa

    Lol the last one :))))

  5. Mad Titan

    Mad Titan

    Giorno fa

    This guy is not as bad as I thought. I'm feeling kinda alright about him playing the Bat on the big screen. And also you don't get approached by Chris Nolan of all people (Tenet in theatres soon!) if you're a bad actor.

  6. Yann Dardanne

    Yann Dardanne

    3 giorni fa

    Dumbledore: "At Hogwarts, help will always be given to those who ask for it." Robert: "PRETTY PLEASE, HELP ME OUTTT!!"

  7. Yann Dardanne

    Yann Dardanne

    3 giorni fa

    He must've been so relieved when it was over.

  8. sigh


    3 giorni fa

    The books were better. But still it was sad to read how much Bella needed Edward or Jacob EVERYDAY. it was sad. I like twilight purely for how cold? it was. Otherwise, I wish they’d shown more of what Bella was thinking. The plot was good, I just wish they would’ve expanded it. The acting was meh.

  9. Still Learning

    Still Learning

    3 giorni fa

    I like that he's wise enough to accept he hated his character, because pretty everyone else did too. Good job, Robert.

  10. Jonathan Hill

    Jonathan Hill

    3 giorni fa

    I only know him as Bruce Wayne/Batman

  11. frick frack

    frick frack

    3 giorni fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="58">0:58</a> makes me lose my shit everytime

  12. vanilla cxkes

    vanilla cxkes

    4 giorni fa

    i love twilight lol Edward Cullen is such a daddy tho-

  13. Beatriz Sales

    Beatriz Sales

    4 giorni fa

    The casts of Twilight, Riverdale post season 2 and Game of Thrones season 7 & 8 all have the same energy

  14. Alex Eduardo. Barrantes Arroyo

    Alex Eduardo. Barrantes Arroyo

    5 giorni fa

    He seems like he would like it ironically

  15. April Acevedo

    April Acevedo

    6 giorni fa

    why is 1D in here

  16. Reese Blessing

    Reese Blessing

    6 giorni fa


  17. Hannah Sykes

    Hannah Sykes

    6 giorni fa

    I’m rewatching twilight and it’s literally so horrible

  18. Matilda Loves twilight

    Matilda Loves twilight

    6 giorni fa

    “What is wrong with this girl...what is wrong with me” 😂😂

  19. Lyrics2101 _all.around

    Lyrics2101 _all.around

    6 giorni fa

    Robert calling Stephanie crazy just made my day.

  20. Neferti


    8 giorni fa

    robert really said it seemed like a book that wasn’t supposed to be published 😭💀

  21. Narmin Hagverdiyeva

    Narmin Hagverdiyeva

    9 giorni fa

    But you had million money from these series, you dont have to be ungrateful

    • frick frack

      frick frack

      3 giorni fa

      he's not ungrateful. for the most part, he actually enjoyed the experience of filming the movies but he just despises the character he plays.

  22. dt. daniellexx

    dt. daniellexx

    9 giorni fa

    Twilight is such a good movie tho, why did he not like it? Pls explain i’m confused lmao

    • ไอจอห์น เด็กไร้สมอง

      ไอจอห์น เด็กไร้สมอง

      7 giorni fa

      tWiLiGhT iS sUcH a GoOd MoViE

    • iiKittyDR


      7 giorni fa

      Maybe cause that was when his career sky rocketed and suddenly there were fans running after him, tons of gossip channels focusing on him, plus Kristen cheated on him. It’s too much for anyone. But he said in a video a few years ago that his twilight time was full of warm memories

  23. Fatima Nadeem

    Fatima Nadeem

    9 giorni fa

    Spoken like a true Hufflepuff 💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤

  24. Alexa F.

    Alexa F.

    9 giorni fa

    You know you're grown up when you're starting to agree with him lol. I lived and breathed Twilight from 12 to 16, but looking back, it's pretty cringy. It still holds a lot of good memories, so I'm thankful for that. :)

  25. Abby Wolffe

    Abby Wolffe

    10 giorni fa

    "If Edward existed in real life... he'd be like... an axe murderer" It's official this man has my heart

  26. Meghan Mcclean

    Meghan Mcclean

    10 giorni fa

    HE'S BRITISH??!!!!!

    • Meghan Mcclean

      Meghan Mcclean

      Giorno fa

      @Xenius omg sarcasm KING!!! SO FUNNY. you are SO. FUNNY!!!

  27. Maya


    11 giorni fa

    Honestly sometimes I truly wonder how this glorious man got roped into making those awful movies

  28. Maria


    11 giorni fa

    I'm actually quite surprised by this! The gossip shows and tabloids kept making them as smug and proud I never knew he was this honest about it!

  29. Brainey Tamrakar

    Brainey Tamrakar

    11 giorni fa


  30. L


    11 giorni fa

    i watch this video every day for religion purposes

  31. strangerkiwi11 dustin

    strangerkiwi11 dustin

    12 giorni fa

    I love twilight but Robert will always be cedric diggory to me.

  32. Episode Gaming Play

    Episode Gaming Play

    12 giorni fa

    Lmao Robert Pattinson calmed Stephanie Meyer mad and even said her books should’ve never been books! Pure savage!🤣

  33. Natalya Duncan

    Natalya Duncan

    12 giorni fa

    ‘And she’s like, I don’t care, I love you’ I AM CREASING

  34. Jean Paul Gartier

    Jean Paul Gartier

    12 giorni fa

    Poor bastard got redpilled

  35. The Great Hufflepuff

    The Great Hufflepuff

    13 giorni fa

    "Robert Pattinson Hates Twilight" Ah yes, a man of culture.

  36. Phoenix combers-brueford

    Phoenix combers-brueford

    13 giorni fa

    Um okay not ready for a main character to hate there own movies 😵

  37. Danielle Carter

    Danielle Carter

    14 giorni fa

    No one hates twilight more then robert pattison And the rest of the cast ahah

  38. HiP3R SniP3R

    HiP3R SniP3R

    14 giorni fa


  39. Sanja Nikolić

    Sanja Nikolić

    14 giorni fa

    Who's here after the new book is being released 😭😂

    • Kayra


      14 giorni fa

      Oops she completed that book and published it again. My bad

    • Kayra


      14 giorni fa

      Don't argue with me . Just search vampire diaries books collection apk on Google. It's in there before the host

    • Kayra


      14 giorni fa

      @Sanja Nikolić it's not a new book. I've read it in 10 the std. I'm in clg now

    • Sanja Nikolić

      Sanja Nikolić

      14 giorni fa

      @HiP3R SniP3R yes, it's Twilight but in Edward's perspective

    • HiP3R SniP3R

      HiP3R SniP3R

      14 giorni fa

      Sanja Nikolić new book about twilight ?

  40. The UNKNOWN


    14 giorni fa

    Lili and Robert are same people in same page lol

  41. Fernanda


    15 giorni fa

    Just imagine his reaction when he saw the news about midnight sun...

  42. Laiuli Perka Lare

    Laiuli Perka Lare

    16 giorni fa

    Now I love him even more.

  43. Strawberry Slushie

    Strawberry Slushie

    16 giorni fa

    Why does he look.soooo.good in the first one and then not so good in the other ones ???

  44. Paula Santos

    Paula Santos

    16 giorni fa

    Why he gives me a HUGE chaotic energy ?!!!!

  45. Lashton’s_Sunflower _

    Lashton’s_Sunflower _

    16 giorni fa

    This poor man was finally free, now Midnight Sun has been announced 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  46. myajanette


    16 giorni fa

    I’ve never really liked Twilight or understood it but it’s hilarious how Robert Pattinson wasn’t even a big fan of the franchise despite him playing a major role in it.😂

  47. Hudson Norton

    Hudson Norton

    16 giorni fa

    This proves he will be the right Batman.....

  48. Harshita Kasibhatta

    Harshita Kasibhatta

    17 giorni fa

    Oh boi there's a new book coming out Robert 😂😂😂

  49. JenJen Shawsies

    JenJen Shawsies

    17 giorni fa

    Edward : every time I look at you I wanna kill you so badly Bella : I don’t care I love you Robert : well there’s definitely something wrong with you and definitely something wrong with me

  50. J


    17 giorni fa

    FOR THEM 💀

  51. Eoin Whitehead

    Eoin Whitehead

    17 giorni fa

    If I were around a creep who says IV killed 40 or 50 people and I so want to kill you everyday and more I see you the more I am with you. I'd call the fucking cops Or even if that freakshow came into my bedroom in my sleep I'd call the cops. Why would someone be in love with him????? Just why???????

  52. Dawn TheFangirl

    Dawn TheFangirl

    17 giorni fa

    If a murder came up to you and said. Hey I have the constant desire to murder you. And I HAVE murdered other people. And I have a family of murders who have also killed people with no consequences to their actions. Wanna go out ? Would u be like "Lol Haha that's ok. Let's get married !"

  53. Alessandra M

    Alessandra M

    18 giorni fa

    The last clip had me laughing 😂

  54. Megan


    18 giorni fa

    Robert is team Jacob, lmao.

  55. Random Stuff

    Random Stuff

    18 giorni fa

    Who wouldn't...tat whole movie is CRINGE and kristen can't act period

  56. Rachel Papirmeister

    Rachel Papirmeister

    18 giorni fa

    how is he so sexy even though he has no lips whatsoever

  57. okxybeth


    18 giorni fa

    Why did he take part in the project then?

    • Ashten Healy

      Ashten Healy

      12 giorni fa

      He was broke

  58. Faerie Queen

    Faerie Queen

    19 giorni fa

    He's probably hyperventilating right now

  59. lovely audios

    lovely audios

    19 giorni fa

    'this woman is mad!' I have never loved an actor mooreeeeeeee

  60. Valentina Rafaella Jerez

    Valentina Rafaella Jerez

    19 giorni fa

    I am here because of Midnight Sun and Robert Pattinson mental breakdown bc of the new book😂

    • Valentina Rafaella Jerez

      Valentina Rafaella Jerez

      18 giorni fa

      Jake Garcia loool idk but I wish😂

    • Jake Garcia

      Jake Garcia

      18 giorni fa

      Is there a video on that by any chance? I wanna see Robert have a mental breakdown lol

  61. coldlydreams yt

    coldlydreams yt

    20 giorni fa

    when I was watching twilight and I saw him, the first thing I said to my boyfriend, “is that cedric diggory”

  62. Coffee Pasta

    Coffee Pasta

    20 giorni fa

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a> "gorl no one could be paid enough to do THIS"

  63. Lovely Yoongi

    Lovely Yoongi

    20 giorni fa

    Honestly i feel like the only reason hes hating on it was because kristen cheated on him thats all

  64. Random Stuff

    Random Stuff

    20 giorni fa

    He's right tho, the movies are trash

  65. DeadlyQuinn666


    20 giorni fa

    Tbh now that I’m older, Twilight is definitely a Vampire/werewolf fan fiction but I still love it anyways. I binged all the movies yesterday.

  66. Carolina Velasco

    Carolina Velasco

    20 giorni fa

    Imagine him taking the role again for midnight sun

    • Genni Gagne

      Genni Gagne

      19 giorni fa

      Carolina Velasco I will actually die

  67. Amara Anderson

    Amara Anderson

    20 giorni fa

    Here after the new book Midnight Sun’s been revealeddd 😂😂 would love a new movie but I doubt Robert or Kristen would want to do ittt 🥴💀 😂

  68. Asia !

    Asia !

    20 giorni fa

    Here after the news of Midnight Sun written on Edward’s perspective

  69. Ronna Reacts

    Ronna Reacts

    20 giorni fa

    Anyone else here after the announcement of an Edward P.O.V novel? Hope they won't turn it into a movie for the sake of Robert's happiness.

  70. Casper Richter

    Casper Richter

    21 giorno fa

    Robert is a totally ungrateful pussy loser here. Stephenie Meyer is just an ordinary happy mother who wrote a wish fulfillment book where she let all her love into the text and dared to live out that fantasy. Robert himself chose the role - became a multimillionaire of it and is more successful than any of us others will ever be. And yet he complains about Stephenie and calls her crazy. Twilight isn't perfect - and the movies are a complete disappointment - but Meyer's story has made many people happy and opened doors to fiction in literature, so I can't grasp all the hate and condescension.

  71. Devy Rubi

    Devy Rubi

    21 giorno fa

    And now he’s Batman, mans never got away from the bats and vampires 💀😂

  72. Divya Naidu

    Divya Naidu

    21 giorno fa

    no one hates twilight more than robert HAHA.

  73. kiki_pride 493

    kiki_pride 493

    21 giorno fa

    Before the Riverdale cast, there was Robert Pattinson.

  74. Brigita Matulyte

    Brigita Matulyte

    22 giorni fa

    Ew absolutely revolting. The fact he's british explains why he can't respect what he doesn't understand. I guess you're lucky you're a part of this billion dollar frnachise forever now if you hate the book and the art so bad. Yikes

  75. 호ᄒTazz


    22 giorni fa

    What I really like about his interview, he just brutal said it in twilight interview

  76. lxmb. ellaa

    lxmb. ellaa

    23 giorni fa

    2o2o anyone??! Okay then bye😂😭 ( his so damn cute)

  77. Covers by Armzee

    Covers by Armzee

    24 giorni fa

    Hated him from Twilight, Gonna like him from this.

  78. Molly G

    Molly G

    24 giorni fa

    He was so happy when his contract was over

  79. Molly G

    Molly G

    24 giorni fa

    This shit is so funny

  80. drtirtha das

    drtirtha das

    25 giorni fa

    man after watching this i hope his batman movie does well and he kills it as batman cuz he needs a big project like that to succeed after all he's gone through with the twilight bullshit

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