Rain On Me

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Rain On Me · Lady Gaga · Ariana Grande
Rain On Me
℗ 2020 Interscope Records
Released on: 2020-05-22
Producer: BloodPop®
Producer, Associated Performer, Bass, Keyboards, Drum, Guitar: BURNS
Producer, Additional Producer: Tchami
Associated Performer, Vocal Producer, Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Mixer: Benjamin Rice
Studio Personnel, Mixer: Tom Norris
Studio Personnel, Assistant Mixer: Scott Kelly
Associated Performer, Percussion: Leddie Garcia
Associated Performer, Saxophone: Rachel Mazer
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Randy Merrill
Composer Lyricist: Lady Gaga
Composer Lyricist: BloodPop®
Composer Lyricist: Matthew Burns
Composer Lyricist: Nija Charles
Composer Lyricist: Rami Yacoub
Composer Lyricist: Martin Joseph Leonard Bresso
Composer Lyricist: Ariana Grande
Composer Lyricist: Alexander Ridha
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  1. jeremifrancisco1


    4 ore fa

    Great song but badly done artwork... I think it was rushed. #Disappointed...

  2. Nessa


    5 ore fa

    I love the 'french house' hint this song has

  3. Bono Chavez

    Bono Chavez

    6 ore fa

    Hey guys! Please help a little monster with a small channel. I also made reaction video for Rain On Me! I hope y'all can watch it and leave your thoughts!

  4. K


    8 ore fa

    Can’t. Stop. Playing.

    • 8D EMPIRE

      8D EMPIRE

      7 ore fa

      Hello, I invite you to listen my 8d edition of this track ❤✌

  5. Francisco Rosal

    Francisco Rosal

    9 ore fa

    Venezuela presente

  6. GuiSmile


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  7. Portia Raga

    Portia Raga

    9 ore fa


  8. David Niecikowski

    David Niecikowski

    11 ore fa

    Interesting - hopefully, Kylie approves:



    15 ore fa

    Very strong anime OP vibes here. Just me? Okay. I'll go now.

  10. Vitinho BR

    Vitinho BR

    16 ore fa

    i love you lady gaga❤️

  11. Filipa Pinto

    Filipa Pinto

    17 ore fa


  12. Ryan Gogol

    Ryan Gogol

    18 ore fa

    Lady Gaga's motto is "Just Dance" -RAIN ON ME: raining knife plunged into her leg, but dances anyway -STUPID LOVE: warring tribes destroying the world, but dances anyway -JUST DANCE: "had a little bit too much", but dances anyway -PAPARAZZI: boyfriend pushes her off balcony resulting in neck brace and crutches, but dances anyway -TELEPHONE: locked up in prison for killing boyfriend, but dances anyway -LOVE GAME: carrying an oversized disco stick, but dances anyway -BAD ROMANCE: sold in a sex-trafficking ring, but dances anyway -JUDAS: doesn't know if she loves Jesus or Judas, but dances anyway -MARRY THE NIGHT: confined to an asylum and car blows up in the rain, but dances anyway -PERFECT ILLUSION: heart completely broken, but dances anyway -ARTPOP/VENUS/G.U.Y.: fallen as Cupid transfixed by her own arrow, but dances anyway

  13. Gustavo Villanueva

    Gustavo Villanueva

    18 ore fa


  14. Oscar Balam

    Oscar Balam

    19 ore fa


  15. Andres Martinez

    Andres Martinez

    20 ore fa

    Chromatica the next album from MAMA MONSTER is coming 29.05.2020♥️♥️🥳🥳🥳

  16. PAN


    21 ora fa

  17. Ariana Grande

    Ariana Grande

    21 ora fa

    Da best single eva!

  18. Daniel Tapia

    Daniel Tapia

    21 ora fa

    Take me to CHROMATICA

  19. Mikey Jamieson

    Mikey Jamieson

    21 ora fa

    I can't wait to dance to this at the gay club when this is all over.

  20. Daniel Tapia

    Daniel Tapia

    21 ora fa


  21. Daniel Tapia

    Daniel Tapia

    21 ora fa

  22. Books Friends

    Books Friends

    22 ore fa

    I wanna just to know if there is some little monsters disappointed in new songs especially stupid love and rain on me.

  23. DD MM

    DD MM

    22 ore fa

    894K views !!!?? HUH !!?? AMERIKA EXPLAIN

  24. 國立華南高商陳昱廷


    23 ore fa

    #LadyGaga #RainOnMe amazing

  25. 阿寶的成長日記A-bow of Life

    阿寶的成長日記A-bow of Life

    23 ore fa


  26. Alessandra Cortis

    Alessandra Cortis

    23 ore fa

    Thumbs up if u are both an Arianator and a lil Monster. Love them both they sure didn't disappoint!

  27. Kevin Quintero

    Kevin Quintero

    Giorno fa

    porque esta dos veces subida la canción?

  28. R Two

    R Two

    Giorno fa

    I like this song. I love nature

  29. tae hoon kim. official

    tae hoon kim. official

    Giorno fa


  30. v!


    Giorno fa

    we already know this is gonna be the song of the summer (if we get one)

  31. Helton Sousa

    Helton Sousa

    Giorno fa


  32. Anya K

    Anya K

    Giorno fa

    My 3 year old loves this song

  33. 【MEET / 奇遇記】

    【MEET / 奇遇記】

    Giorno fa


  34. 陳昱廷


    Giorno fa

    #RainOnMe by #LadyGaga & #ArianaGrande is Amazing 😉

  35. LG CRT

    LG CRT

    Giorno fa

    #RainOnMe by #LadyGaga & #ArianaGrande is Amazing 😉

  36. DeBy SaNtOs 95

    DeBy SaNtOs 95

    Giorno fa

    the perfect song for doing a party during corona-time😃😃

  37. Taiwan Studio

    Taiwan Studio

    Giorno fa


  38. Edgar LM

    Edgar LM

    Giorno fa

    I been dry since the beginnig of the quarentine

  39. Lourashii Mincx

    Lourashii Mincx

    Giorno fa

    #RainOnMeWithGlobe #SafeAtHome

  40. Pepe DM Cantera

    Pepe DM Cantera

    Giorno fa

    Este es el resultado de un Clic de más que le dieron para subir el vídeo. This is the result of a click more to upload the video.

  41. Jarmain Harrell

    Jarmain Harrell

    Giorno fa

    God! I'm in love with this song.

  42. Belifan Monster

    Belifan Monster

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  43. Furious Doll

    Furious Doll

    Giorno fa

  44. Furious Doll

    Furious Doll

    Giorno fa


  45. Furious Doll

    Furious Doll

    Giorno fa


  46. Tim Fox

    Tim Fox

    Giorno fa

    It's a beautiful song! It sounds like I'm beautiful remix by bette midler!

  47. Hailey in Space

    Hailey in Space

    Giorno fa

    this has a 2010's vibe to it is that just me?

  48. Dylan Ross

    Dylan Ross

    Giorno fa

    Love Love Love!!!! This song is such a hit!!

  49. Ruben Elias

    Ruben Elias

    Giorno fa

    Rain on me rhymes with lean on me

  50. Vitor Guerron

    Vitor Guerron

    Giorno fa

    Não tava preparado para este hino♡

  51. Romeo Sidhu

    Romeo Sidhu

    Giorno fa




    Giorno fa

    Esta muy bonita Esta canción de ladi Gaga les felicito



    Giorno fa

    Está muy bonito Esta canción 😴😴

  54. Ana D'Abreu

    Ana D'Abreu

    Giorno fa

    Love the song

  55. Robert Goffman

    Robert Goffman

    Giorno fa

    Fair Video ! 🔥 Вогонь Відео !!

  56. Newly Celebrities

    Newly Celebrities

    Giorno fa

    We already had an audio video... Why this one?

  57. Sarah Madeline

    Sarah Madeline

    Giorno fa

    why did i think lady gaga was dahvie first glance at the thumb nail😂

  58. dewi qq

    dewi qq

    Giorno fa


  59. Sir Johnny Bachelor

    Sir Johnny Bachelor

    Giorno fa

    I love listening to this song while taking my shower 😍😍😍

  60. Pance Karadzov

    Pance Karadzov

    Giorno fa

    Me: the perfect song about golden shower doesn't exi-- Gaga and Ari: there you go...

  61. Brazil w.

    Brazil w.

    Giorno fa

    me simply waiting for ariana's part bc i dont mess with lady gaga.

  62. Windigo Integrass

    Windigo Integrass

    Giorno fa

    I wrote CHROMATICA. This is my least....calm

  63. Windigo Integrass

    Windigo Integrass

    Giorno fa

    Coming out o f an ice cold shower , my worst prejudice ...calm

  64. Windigo Integrass

    Windigo Integrass

    Giorno fa

    Hi no no, why out out such a stupid song. Stop making us take ice SEE

  65. Bang See

    Bang See

    Giorno fa

    I don’t get the point in stealing views from her official account

  66. Ilumia


    Giorno fa

    ¿Soy la única que su parte favorita es cuando Lady Gaga dice *"Rain - On - Me"* ? Costa Rica presente. *UwU*

  67. Agrafina taro-mag

    Agrafina taro-mag

    Giorno fa

    гадание магия стихий

  68. David Marquéz

    David Marquéz

    Giorno fa

    Im katycat n' here for this collab! I LOVE POP MUSIC 💟

  69. Aria Bella

    Aria Bella

    Giorno fa

    This song lets me forget about corona

  70. Juan Carlos Castaño

    Juan Carlos Castaño

    Giorno fa

    two audios?

  71. ZeroPlayz YT

    ZeroPlayz YT

    Giorno fa

    Adding the song to my shower playlist

  72. Simon Borges

    Simon Borges

    Giorno fa

    Aleluia, arrepieiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  73. Ruy Ferreira

    Ruy Ferreira

    Giorno fa

    Ariana Grande 💚💚

  74. Ruy Ferreira

    Ruy Ferreira

    Giorno fa

    Têm Uma Batida Muito Boa

  75. Ruy Ferreira

    Ruy Ferreira

    Giorno fa

    A Música É Muito Legal

  76. Eric Spike

    Eric Spike

    Giorno fa

    guys check my remix to RAIN ON ME - @Pluk (stayed up all night making it, haven't been this excited for a song to come out in ages 🥰❤️)

  77. Carlos Bautista

    Carlos Bautista

    Giorno fa

    Y'all the gays gonna be dancing in the club to this

    • The Boshadoo

      The Boshadoo

      Giorno fa

      Or under the rain

  78. John Goren

    John Goren

    Giorno fa

    sooo... "rain on me", huh? yeah... is that supposed to mean what I think it means... what else could it mean... thank you

  79. LøneWølf


    Giorno fa

    Illuminati Confirmed 😰

    • Hater De la cabello con mierda

      Hater De la cabello con mierda

      Giorno fa

      Yesssss 😍

  80. Kasra


    Giorno fa


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