Victor Osimhen - All 31 Goals & Assists 2019/2020

31 Goals & Assists: Victor Osimhen 🔎🎥
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In this video we see all of Victor Osimhen's goals and assists from 2019/2020.
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  1. ScoutNationHD


    Mese fa

    *Brilliant player from Nigeria!* ⚽🇳🇬 *Comment who you'd like to see next!* 💬 *I would really appreciate if you could take a second to leave a like on the video!* 🙏

    • Olz _05

      Olz _05

      4 giorni fa

      @Rakshith Bunny 🤔???? What does that has to do with Victor osimhen

    • Rakshith Bunny

      Rakshith Bunny

      6 giorni fa

      @Majority Majority well only time can tell. I think its too early to speak on that now. And there are much better young players than osimhen right now from nigeria such as samuel chukwueze, wilfried ndidi.

    • Rakshith Bunny

      Rakshith Bunny

      6 giorni fa

      @Olz _05 btw mancity have signed ferran torres and why wud they want another and i havent seen any rumours linking to that, may be they are just baseless

    • Majority Majority

      Majority Majority

      6 giorni fa

      @Eshwar Prabhakar you're definitely smoking something if you think any of the players you've mentioned are better than osimhen.

    • cahyati ati

      cahyati ati

      6 giorni fa

      KKMlkl Vvvyjghhxjsnj

  2. Kemo95 Kemo

    Kemo95 Kemo

    5 ore fa

    80 milioni? Mahh

  3. Salvatore


    6 ore fa

    For me 70 millions are too much. I hope for Naples supporters and for Gattuso that I am mistakin

  4. web utilitis

    web utilitis

    9 ore fa

    Forza Napoliìiiiiiiiiiiii

  5. Michael Burke

    Michael Burke

    10 ore fa

    Reminds me of Henry

  6. Luca Schiavo

    Luca Schiavo

    16 ore fa

    Finalmente un giocatore che può continuare la tradizione dei grandi attaccanti vesuviani!

  7. Batam Wak

    Batam Wak

    18 ore fa

    Samuel eto'o

  8. Emmanuel Awuah

    Emmanuel Awuah

    Giorno fa

    This an Ighalo with speed😁

  9. thang nguyendanh

    thang nguyendanh

    Giorno fa

    Pepe 2.0

  10. Billy Walendom

    Billy Walendom

    Giorno fa


  11. sg98films


    Giorno fa

    I feel like that since I support Milan I'd like Leao to do the things this guy does. Feel like they're kinda similar

  12. mikatteba225


    Giorno fa

    Looks like Drogba

  13. OKA


    Giorno fa

    Awful awful defending all round but hes a good player nonetheless.

  14. Man Saha

    Man Saha

    Giorno fa

    Pogba version of Forward

  15. Dimitrios Triantopoulos

    Dimitrios Triantopoulos

    Giorno fa

    Reminds me of Lukaku but with some added speed

  16. Clemente Donini

    Clemente Donini

    Giorno fa

    60 milioni per un attaccante che non ha dimostrato niente. Buonanott

  17. ッJiri


    2 giorni fa

    Mad how he is already worth 80 mill

  18. Godwin Godson

    Godwin Godson

    2 giorni fa

    Baba na u do am for am so u fit do am for me too❤❤

  19. kabir shrestha

    kabir shrestha

    2 giorni fa

    ScoutNation is almost going to hit 1M guys. 🙂

  20. Marc


    2 giorni fa

    he is good and so but the level of several keepers and defenders is just horrendous

  21. Gay Sauve

    Gay Sauve

    2 giorni fa

    How many goals and passes he make in the ligue 1?

  22. kakarot 95

    kakarot 95

    2 giorni fa

    Fichajazo del napoli!

  23. Giov


    2 giorni fa

    Tecnica sul primo stop molto scadente .bella velocità

  24. Davee Games

    Davee Games

    2 giorni fa

    Looking forward to the next Nigerian international team they have young stars coming up.

  25. Kaiho Rikambura TV

    Kaiho Rikambura TV

    2 giorni fa

    Same player as Halaand, fast, no nonsense and a great finisher.

  26. Modele Lanre

    Modele Lanre

    2 giorni fa

    initially I thought he was just average until I realised some very key attributes. 1) he is very fast and sharp and always first to the ball in most contests. it means he can allow his team to convert half chances that look lost 2) he seems to know how to finish by twisting his body even in bed tight angles. he seems not so skilful but if he is given play time , he is a player that will surely get the work done . excellent buy for napoli

  27. Adeteye David

    Adeteye David

    3 giorni fa


  28. Mordecaihero Nasty C all the way up boy

    Mordecaihero Nasty C all the way up boy

    3 giorni fa

    He needs to work on his penalty shootings

  29. Mario Schiano

    Mario Schiano

    3 giorni fa


  30. Francesco De Gennaro

    Francesco De Gennaro

    3 giorni fa

    Il gol 16 è fuorigioco

  31. Kingsley Aigbe

    Kingsley Aigbe

    3 giorni fa

    Space maker Pass Speed Goal Force Young Good finished. Best singing for Napoleon history except maradona....

    • Daniel Alberto

      Daniel Alberto

      13 ore fa


    • Senza Nome

      Senza Nome

      Giorno fa


  32. giuseppe lol

    giuseppe lol

    3 giorni fa

    Welcome to naples

  33. giuseppe lol

    giuseppe lol

    3 giorni fa

    Benvenuto caro

  34. giuseppe lol

    giuseppe lol

    3 giorni fa

    Welcome napolis

  35. Giovanni Mascis

    Giovanni Mascis

    3 giorni fa

    Passo lungo, visione, fisicità... Svaria su tutto il fronte offensivo.Il Napoli ha acquistato un grande giocatore.. Forse 80 mln sono un po' troppi ma se tiene fede alle aspettative, sono soldi ben spesi

  36. voizzofficial


    3 giorni fa

    wow he is a 💣

  37. Terra Mia

    Terra Mia

    4 giorni fa

    Speriamo bene 💪 osinò milik s pigl collera 😁

  38. Tarsisius Hagi Kurniawan

    Tarsisius Hagi Kurniawan

    4 giorni fa

    Samuel etoo reborn!!!!!!

  39. Fajar Arifin

    Fajar Arifin

    4 giorni fa

    welcome to napoli

  40. bolama3155


    4 giorni fa

    Future star

  41. giangi GOLDEN

    giangi GOLDEN

    4 giorni fa

    Finalmente coccrun che nun fa o pal miezz o camp

  42. KOP END


    4 giorni fa


    • Osho Babalola

      Osho Babalola

      2 giorni fa


    • Osho Babalola

      Osho Babalola

      2 giorni fa


  43. Godswill Chukwuemeka

    Godswill Chukwuemeka

    4 giorni fa

    His positioning is amazing...

  44. Marius Delobel

    Marius Delobel

    4 giorni fa

    il a tout pour réussir ce mec 👊 bonne chance victor ❤ allez lille 🔴⚪🤜🤛

  45. jaiaia bobby

    jaiaia bobby

    4 giorni fa


  46. mario barletta

    mario barletta

    4 giorni fa

    povero calcio, altro buco nell'acqua.l'unico che ci guadagna e' il suo agente ,complimenti a lui!

  47. Aashish Pandey

    Aashish Pandey

    4 giorni fa

    Really farmers league 😅😅😅 look at those defenders 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. Gennaro Lanza

    Gennaro Lanza

    4 giorni fa

    Benvenuto forza Napoli sei un mostro gia si vede

  49. Sayim Kara

    Sayim Kara

    4 giorni fa

    bad defence. a lot of penalties. wasted money

  50. Marvelous Nakamba

    Marvelous Nakamba

    4 giorni fa

    what a disastrous transfer this will prove to be for Napoli!

  51. Torongo Simozu

    Torongo Simozu

    4 giorni fa

    Welcome to Naples

  52. Pierpaolo Borriello

    Pierpaolo Borriello

    4 giorni fa

    Bel giocatore, speriamo faccia bene al Napoli, però quanto sono ridicole le difese francesi!!

  53. David Okwara

    David Okwara

    4 giorni fa

    A real predator. Excellent hold-up play. Reliable finisher... Even if he doesn't score he will be useful...

  54. Elia Baroni

    Elia Baroni

    4 giorni fa

    Va bene per il napoli perchè è un contropiedista

  55. Bojan Svitlica

    Bojan Svitlica

    5 giorni fa

    I think he didn’t understand that the Italian league it’s way better and that is gonna score max 10 goals

    • Ison Udoka

      Ison Udoka

      3 giorni fa

      Stop hating, hope you come back and erase your stupid comment after he tears serie A up

  56. A J

    A J

    5 giorni fa

    His play style looks like "Benzema at Lyon era,"

  57. Ricky Murray

    Ricky Murray

    5 giorni fa

    If ever a player was built for the premiership its this guy.

    • Yuheng Zhao

      Yuheng Zhao

      2 giorni fa

      hyuiiiiuugggu衣佰h g yu

    • Yuheng Zhao

      Yuheng Zhao

      2 giorni fa

      hyuiiiiuugggu衣佰h g

    • Yuheng Zhao

      Yuheng Zhao

      2 giorni fa

      x y zu

  58. spyworks


    5 giorni fa

    Ligue 1 in France the worst championship in world. Worst defender I see in Europe 😂

  59. ben ban

    ben ban

    5 giorni fa

    $96 million to Napoli

  60. mattia minichini

    mattia minichini

    5 giorni fa

    Welcome to naples💙💙💙

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