Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve (Official Video)

Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve (Official Video)
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directed & edited by oliver sykes
director of photography: brian cox
camera assistant: alissa salles
gaffer: lee brinkley
behind the scenes: harri charli
la camera operator: kevin garcia
la lighting technician: rory o'connell

i’ve got a fever, don't breathe on me
i'm a believer of nobody
won't let me leave 'cause I've seen something
hope I don't sneeze, I don't…
really we just need to fear something
only pretending to feel something
i know you're dying to run
i want to turn you around
please remain calm
the end has arrived
we cannot save you
enjoy the ride
this is the moment
you’ve been waiting for
don’t call it a warning
this is a war
it’s the parasite eve
gotta feeling in your stomach, ‘cause you know that it’s coming for you
leave your flowers and grieve
don’t forget what they told you
when we forget the infection
will we remember the lesson
if the suspense doesn’t kill you
something else will

i heard they need better signal
put chip and pins in the needles
quarantine all of those secrets in that black hole you call a brain before it’s too late

you can board up your windows
you can lock up your doors
but you can’t keep washing your hands of this shit any more
when all the king’s sources and all the king’s friends don’t know their arses from their pathogens
when life is a prison and death is a door
this ain’t a warning
this is a war

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  1. Snowboard addiction Austria

    Snowboard addiction Austria

    6 ore fa

    who remembers the album count your blessings ?This was SICK I don't like the new bmth.

  2. Kev


    7 ore fa

  3. Rainer Fauzini

    Rainer Fauzini

    7 ore fa

    Thank you BMTH. I remember game title i played on my childhood back then I listened this song to my 2 months baby Here's his reaction

  4. Sidney Smith

    Sidney Smith

    7 ore fa

    2:05 Why are gas masks so sexy 😫😍

  5. Caylex


    7 ore fa

    A deadly worldwide pandemic isn't even going to be in the top three biggest events of this decade. I can just feel it.

  6. Kelly Brower

    Kelly Brower

    7 ore fa

    I’m glad BMTH found a way to express their conspiracy theory angst in these trying times. BILL GATES WILL CHIP YOU SOON.

  7. Luke Mageste

    Luke Mageste

    7 ore fa

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES BMTH is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jayjay_ 2xs

    Jayjay_ 2xs

    7 ore fa

    Bruh, I can see the views on the jumping to the 100's of millions VERY soon. Soon as people catch the fuck up and hear about it. And people like me who listen to it at LEAST 20 times a day. #NOCAP 🚫🧢🚫🧢🚫🧢



    7 ore fa

    Después de un porro La música suena mejor te hace viajar 👽

  10. Zombified


    7 ore fa

    BMTH: exists BMTH fans: “wow this is garbage, you actually like this?”

  11. SageQwin BearMagi

    SageQwin BearMagi

    7 ore fa

    Nah yo they created birthing into existance and wrecked shit like a virus. Jus. Fye🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Nathalie Álvarez

    Nathalie Álvarez

    7 ore fa

    Grimes if she was a boy

  13. Ʒ V Ʃ Ʒ D Å

    Ʒ V Ʃ Ʒ D Å

    7 ore fa


  14. Владислав Нестеров

    Владислав Нестеров

    7 ore fa

    F*ck, what happend with them, I used to love them, but now it is something for kids

  15. Novak


    7 ore fa

    почему в начале кажется, что это хор бабуль поёт? или у меня шиза...

  16. meta1gear4


    7 ore fa

    Can't stand their mainstream approach but damn, they've become a brand of their own with these stunning visuals. It all actually goes quite well together.

  17. Stewart Gilston

    Stewart Gilston

    8 ore fa

    'When we forget the infection will we remember the lesson?'

  18. Yusril Abdullah

    Yusril Abdullah

    8 ore fa

    Pasti bakal seru bgt ini kalo pas konser, bakal pecah parah

  19. ElA


    8 ore fa

    Everyone's saying twenty one pilots can't fit in a single genre... Bruh y'all don't know who Bmth is.

  20. Ben Binnebose

    Ben Binnebose

    8 ore fa

    Going to be honest here, I haven't been into most of the recent stuff but this song hit me on first listen, absolutely love this.

  21. The Speedether

    The Speedether

    8 ore fa

    Wasn't what I expected from something named after my favorite video game...

  22. Leah


    8 ore fa

    Hope I don't sneeze, I don't.... Achoo Too late I just did

  23. 社長


    8 ore fa


  24. The Zilex

    The Zilex

    8 ore fa

    This amazing song reminds me anime called“ Tokyo Ghoul” somehow🤟🏻

  25. Ильяс Рахимов

    Ильяс Рахимов

    8 ore fa

    Наконец то норм трек

    • Павел Ермохин

      Павел Ермохин

      8 ore fa

      Чем тебе люденс не понравился?

  26. Joel Rodríguez

    Joel Rodríguez

    8 ore fa

    WEEEEEEEY! Me encanta cada vez más BMTH, experimentan nuevos sonidos y eso se les aplaude porque no se quedan estancados con el mismo sonido... Cada album cambia mucho el sonido y eso es lo que me encanta💙🎶🎵🎼

  27. Nsp Record

    Nsp Record

    8 ore fa

    J'adore !! j'aimerai vous voir sur de France

  28. Brenda Cristina

    Brenda Cristina

    8 ore fa

    this music video is amazing in so many fucking levels that i'm watching it everyday

  29. leo y burns adidas

    leo y burns adidas

    9 ore fa


  30. J Guilen

    J Guilen

    9 ore fa

    D A M N 🔥

  31. Pandiac


    9 ore fa

    Everyone thought Amo was their low point but honestly it was their rebirth and im all for it. Why make the same music when you can break off from the norm and make some dope ass music

  32. Roger Mendoza

    Roger Mendoza

    9 ore fa


  33. Muhd Izzan Iskandar

    Muhd Izzan Iskandar

    9 ore fa


  34. นัฐวุฒิ มะยัง

    นัฐวุฒิ มะยัง

    9 ore fa


  35. นัฐวุฒิ มะยัง

    นัฐวุฒิ มะยัง

    9 ore fa

    Verryverry s....

  36. Ambush Beats

    Ambush Beats

    9 ore fa

    Like this so I can come back to sample the beginning of the song lol

  37. Muhammad Rafi Putra

    Muhammad Rafi Putra

    9 ore fa

    kacaooo boss kerenn!

  38. Iqbal Hanif

    Iqbal Hanif

    9 ore fa

    the first one minute for sure i hit dislike button 😌 and the chorus here we go 😍😍

  39. Scott Barnes

    Scott Barnes

    9 ore fa

    Sorry not with this totally, Spanish flu was a killer in 1916. We will make it through. 👍💪👍

  40. ぶらかもん


    9 ore fa


  41. Slate Revolver

    Slate Revolver

    9 ore fa

    None of you realise this is named after a squaresoft game in the 90s. 21 pilots and this band both suck. But hey Google the game it's a good time.

  42. Josué Max

    Josué Max

    10 ore fa

    I'm little bit confuse, this has something to do with the game that I played on PS1? xD

  43. Muhammad Fikhram Irwan Saputra

    Muhammad Fikhram Irwan Saputra

    10 ore fa

    Love this band so much

  44. Marni Noordam-cordier

    Marni Noordam-cordier

    10 ore fa

    I’d love hearing this song in a seriously fucked up horror movie 🎥 I

  45. Wiliam Suarez

    Wiliam Suarez

    10 ore fa

    Estos compás cada vez son más raros pero su música es shida Ozy Ozy

  46. Marni Noordam-cordier

    Marni Noordam-cordier

    10 ore fa

    This song kinda scares me... I FUCKING LOVE IT SO MUCH!😅

  47. Sultan Tryndamere

    Sultan Tryndamere

    10 ore fa

    Bring me the 2008 horizon.

  48. Kaniz Syeda

    Kaniz Syeda

    10 ore fa

    The covid19 song

  49. Joseph Kayuha Jr.

    Joseph Kayuha Jr.

    10 ore fa

    1:16 that shit goes HARD

  50. Gabriel Amadej

    Gabriel Amadej

    10 ore fa

    When everyone is dead in 2021: "Wow, they prediced the future by talking about events relevant to their time!"

  51. Grave Warden

    Grave Warden

    10 ore fa

    i feel veil of maya and mitch lucker in this MV

  52. Muz_ net

    Muz_ net

    10 ore fa

    Ulukmanapo - A m A Real

  53. Idek Tbh

    Idek Tbh

    10 ore fa

    Yayy a new song

  54. Oliver T

    Oliver T

    10 ore fa


  55. jeffrey ferdinand

    jeffrey ferdinand

    10 ore fa

    Bring Me The Sanitizer \m/

  56. Sickness


    10 ore fa

    oh shit, breakdown is - DOOM hunter base OST))

    • Sickness


      10 ore fa


  57. April Gray

    April Gray

    11 ore fa

    i LOVE old BMTH, nothing can beat it, but this is a BANGER👏🏼

  58. Brayan Martinez

    Brayan Martinez

    11 ore fa

    I love there new shit, I wasn’t 100% with it at first but after a while I realized that I am going to support this new shit

  59. Chris Guzman

    Chris Guzman

    11 ore fa

    Se pasaron de veeeeeergaa los amo

  60. Kaden Smidt

    Kaden Smidt

    11 ore fa

    Does Cool 3D World make the animations.? It seems like this and the Medicine video has his handiwork.

  61. Joshua Knutson

    Joshua Knutson

    11 ore fa

    So is this a hint of a new remake of a great game coming back?

  62. Jessica Lopes

    Jessica Lopes

    11 ore fa


  63. Armando casas Geo

    Armando casas Geo

    11 ore fa


  64. Rafael el bárbaro

    Rafael el bárbaro

    11 ore fa


  65. Dark Cosmos

    Dark Cosmos

    11 ore fa

    Is Poppy guesting on this?

  66. Jeff Bobbin

    Jeff Bobbin

    11 ore fa

    Shiva visuals... CERN reference?

  67. ꯬まいたけきのこぶなしめじ


    12 ore fa

    What a cool song! Remind me a novel and a game has same title.

  68. Agi ́s

    Agi ́s

    12 ore fa

    LOVE IT!!!

  69. Siderico


    12 ore fa

    Good stuff

  70. bssni touir

    bssni touir

    12 ore fa

    i’m convinced bmth is creating their own genre. they’ve been genre mixing for a few years now and after ludens and this i think they finally found their new sound.

  71. Toph Lindon

    Toph Lindon

    12 ore fa

    Just the intro is awesome

  72. Rinku Panda :3

    Rinku Panda :3

    12 ore fa

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA me gusto mucho q el oliverto apareciera

    • bssni touir

      bssni touir

      12 ore fa

      The last time I heard of BMTH was for Count your Blessings ._. I feel a little bit confused ahah

  73. Зомби Нуб

    Зомби Нуб

    12 ore fa

    Хоть начала минуса - русское .

  74. Richard A

    Richard A

    12 ore fa

    Ga ngerti lagi kalo BMTH udah buat lagu, bener2 ga ngotak, this is amazing!

  75. spx730


    12 ore fa

    20k comments in less than a week, lol.

  76. OBitality X

    OBitality X

    12 ore fa

    One of the coolest openings to a song ever, bring me are the best band in the world and I hope to see them again one day!

  77. Poison


    12 ore fa

    A song called Parasite Eve and a song called Shadow Moses? I guess the PS1 is Oli's favorite console.

  78. Rijal Muyasar Fahmi

    Rijal Muyasar Fahmi

    12 ore fa


  79. Elizabeth Rojas

    Elizabeth Rojas

    12 ore fa

    Es realmente buena. Me encantó💕 I love Bring me the Horizon Uwu

  80. Aura Skyes

    Aura Skyes

    12 ore fa


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