Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]

Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


  1. Busy_Blues


    Ora fa

    came for megan fox. stayed for megan fox.

  2. Yasser Hamdi

    Yasser Hamdi

    Ora fa

    من عربي ويكر هذه الأشياء لايك

  3. Chris Whited

    Chris Whited

    Ora fa

    continuing to play PRETEND KEN AND BARBIE HOUSE PARADE...............has never really ended. now the great joke is HIDDEN behind "EMPOWERMENT"..............not a single thing in this regard has really changed other than a JOKE NARRATIVE to explain it away while getting the female VOTE.

  4. Daisy


    Ora fa

    Is it 2006 again?

  5. Marco Greger

    Marco Greger

    Ora fa

    I smell a return of mainstream rock music and I love it. I inhale every second of this song, it's like I'm 14 again 🥰

  6. Daniel Muller

    Daniel Muller

    Ora fa

    has big blink 182 vibes about it!

  7. DeAndre Hardy

    DeAndre Hardy

    Ora fa

    Love this song

  8. Kelly Hart

    Kelly Hart

    Ora fa

    When MGK said "Be mine, baby" I FELT THAT 😫😍

  9. Urbano Black

    Urbano Black

    Ora fa

    This song makes me feel so much nostalgia

  10. TLX Clan

    TLX Clan

    Ora fa

    Everything is forgotten bro.. this is good !

  11. xXLeahCookiesxX Tuber

    xXLeahCookiesxX Tuber

    Ora fa

    Is she even singing?

  12. Ali 62

    Ali 62

    Ora fa

    Jacky Daniels and gemma gemma

  13. Ghost Buddy

    Ghost Buddy

    Ora fa

    "bloody valentine" is defined as when she's on the rag on valentines day and you smash anyhow...

  14. Azalea 03

    Azalea 03

    Ora fa

    It's sound so nostalgic for kids from 90's bcoz its look they go back to teen age-ish 😁😁 thank Kelly for the good music

  15. Maddy Grand

    Maddy Grand

    Ora fa

    If MGK is bringing this genre back, Imma cry. Pre-2010 sounds.

  16. Shawn Larsen

    Shawn Larsen

    Ora fa

    Really like this song by Blink182.

  17. J B

    J B

    Ora fa

    no homo, mgk one sexy man lmfao

  18. Undead Freak420

    Undead Freak420

    2 ore fa

    megan fox is so washed up why are people for this?...ugh

  19. P Steijn

    P Steijn

    2 ore fa

    I honestly clicked for megan, but I actually really like this song!

  20. Utkarsha Rai

    Utkarsha Rai

    2 ore fa

    My two favourites 😍🤍☁️

  21. AZ yes

    AZ yes

    2 ore fa

    from rap devil to this

  22. Rocio Rey

    Rocio Rey

    2 ore fa

    Comele la bocaaaaa

  23. Ferr Remy

    Ferr Remy

    2 ore fa

    I thought this was straight from the 00's. Megan Fox? Still hot as ever!

  24. Tori Rayne Acorn

    Tori Rayne Acorn

    2 ore fa

    Hell yessss

  25. Jeswin Lalu Perumal

    Jeswin Lalu Perumal

    2 ore fa

    Is it really Megan Fox ?

  26. Ali Arif

    Ali Arif

    2 ore fa

    Eminem dissed him into a different genre.

  27. The Burg

    The Burg

    2 ore fa

    This reminds me of a Blink-182 song

  28. Destiney G

    Destiney G

    2 ore fa

    Only here for Megan

  29. AndreyTNT


    2 ore fa

    Богиня воительница ты лучшая!

  30. khen sane

    khen sane

    2 ore fa

    Just here to say to the people here in 5 years I was early.

  31. Pablo Santi

    Pablo Santi

    2 ore fa

    Megab Fox😍😍😍😍😍😍

  32. Ryan Lamie Re-Resurrection x

    Ryan Lamie Re-Resurrection x

    2 ore fa

    Sounds Like Sometimes By Gerry Cinnamon



    2 ore fa

    this is what happens when you mess around with EMINEM. Good song tho.

  34. SSvmmer


    2 ore fa

    wow just wow

  35. Jason Brophy

    Jason Brophy

    2 ore fa

    Sounds he ripped off all of the blink 182 riffs,fox is a cougar now

  36. domacello


    2 ore fa


  37. William Mbongolwane

    William Mbongolwane

    2 ore fa

    It's so weird how well this works...

  38. Landofmagic 97

    Landofmagic 97

    2 ore fa

    This reminds me of music in the early 2000’s. Like All American Rejects vibe. Ya know?

  39. Sizwe Tinga

    Sizwe Tinga

    2 ore fa

    *Falling In Revers Has left the chat*

  40. vimetha kuotsu

    vimetha kuotsu

    2 ore fa

    Miss the Bloody rapper!!😑😑😑

  41. Michael Montoya

    Michael Montoya

    2 ore fa

    eminem slapped mgk so hard he landed in the late 90s

  42. Serenity Buckingham

    Serenity Buckingham

    2 ore fa

    I’m ALL for this 💯💯💯

  43. Andrew H

    Andrew H

    2 ore fa

    Who else is jealous

  44. FLProducer


    2 ore fa

    Megan fox trying to act fucking 20... You're like 58 years of age you look like a man, one might say you're "transforming" into a man :D

  45. ozynga1988


    2 ore fa

    When eminem hits , he go diffrent direction lol

  46. Dennis Msta

    Dennis Msta

    2 ore fa

    Mgk and Avril will be the perfect duo🙊🙊

  47. JuvriantoCJ Unofficial

    JuvriantoCJ Unofficial

    2 ore fa

    where's Travis Barker??

  48. FLProducer


    2 ore fa

    Megan fox is deffo a man.

  49. A. Ray

    A. Ray

    2 ore fa

    I personally love the amount of pink in this

  50. Kayla Bankston

    Kayla Bankston

    2 ore fa

    This song is 2006

  51. little bit of everything

    little bit of everything

    2 ore fa

    She's confirming all rumors

  52. 06quinonez


    3 ore fa

    Dope song Megan is 🔥

  53. True Cichlids

    True Cichlids

    3 ore fa

    I love this

  54. Amber Nicole

    Amber Nicole

    3 ore fa

    Please tell me this is where music is heading 👌🏽👏🏼 pure millennium pop punk nostalgia!! 🎉💋

  55. Carlos Panganiban

    Carlos Panganiban

    3 ore fa

    MGK never fails to look so damn attractive. Ugh!

  56. Cameron Doyle

    Cameron Doyle

    3 ore fa

    I thought this guy was a rapper? Is this an unreleased song from The Killers 2004 album "Hot Fuss"? Oh look it's Megan Fox.

  57. Arnold Dester

    Arnold Dester

    3 ore fa

    Nice Baby 🕺🏼

  58. Michael Clarke

    Michael Clarke

    3 ore fa

    Lmao eminem diss track made him rethink his skill as the rap devil lmao



    3 ore fa

    right, surely this is better??:

  60. Davit Londaridze

    Davit Londaridze

    3 ore fa

    Changing style was best idea for him, keep rock’n’roll and don't come back in Rap, I love it good luck this is better for you and for your future fans ✌🏻

  61. Dan_nw 1

    Dan_nw 1

    3 ore fa

    How can you not like this song

  62. Mose Jones

    Mose Jones

    3 ore fa

    Good move getting Megan, it's the only reason I watched this.

  63. Luka Vejnovic

    Luka Vejnovic

    3 ore fa

    Shady 4ever but this type of music just gives a great vibe.

  64. Useless Duck

    Useless Duck

    3 ore fa

    This sounds like it’s from 2011, xd

  65. Salvatore GP

    Salvatore GP

    3 ore fa

    Megan is like wine, more years go by and she looks better🍷🖤🔥 #bloodyvalentine #bloodylockdown #bloodycovid19 #trending

  66. Plutot Crever

    Plutot Crever

    3 ore fa

    Perfect song. Timeless Instant classic.

  67. Dam Sifuentes

    Dam Sifuentes

    3 ore fa

    You can listen Travis with the drums behind. It is so nice MGK is developing his career in this way, probably one of the best things of this 2020. Blink-182, 00's californian pop-punk vibes are back 🤘

  68. Kenny Thao

    Kenny Thao

    3 ore fa

    She’s always been hot🤣

  69. Experya


    3 ore fa

    yo i like this mgk and megan is looking more beautiful than ever that's awesome

  70. Nick Benjamin

    Nick Benjamin

    3 ore fa

    American Pie

  71. Heavy Rebel Soul

    Heavy Rebel Soul

    3 ore fa

    Can I live the same life? 😍🤩

  72. kyleizklutch


    3 ore fa

    these 2 are one baaaaaad couple faxx

  73. Astaroth Quran

    Astaroth Quran

    3 ore fa

    Wonder what he had to do to get Megan 🤔 on his video. Maybe paid?? Hmm....

  74. Kat Viola

    Kat Viola

    3 ore fa

    I'll be an MGK fan if he continues to do more music like this.

  75. BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham

    BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham

    3 ore fa

    remember Ruth I used to dog this ting out, you had nappy root coco puff they hate you for it woman you let them SMILFER YOU PIE

  76. I Pro

    I Pro

    3 ore fa

    I will give you B for the effort when I was 3 😂😂😂😂

  77. castor troy

    castor troy

    3 ore fa

    the song sucks, I'm here just for megan fox

  78. Donnie Moore

    Donnie Moore

    3 ore fa

    And just like that I feel sorry for Brian Austin Green!

  79. Eva Antonova

    Eva Antonova

    3 ore fa

    this is cringe, i‘m sorry

  80. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    3 ore fa

    In one weekend you hit more than 11m views wow

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