Robert Pattinson The New Batman REFUSES To Workout - Why???

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  1. Zombie


    4 ore fa

    I actually respect Robert more for not wanting to go along with the trend of looking jacked. About time real men realised you dont need to be big or jacked to be successful and confident. He is right, look back in the 70s etc, the gym and looking big is a modern societal trend and in essence a problem for mental health if you 'dont look a certain way'. Not saying dont work out, because that can be good for mental health too, but dont just let looks define you

  2. Victor Cordes

    Victor Cordes

    5 ore fa

    If the trainer left him with a single weight and a bosu ball and believes that is enough to achieve a Batman physique, then I understand why he is ignoring her.

  3. Lee Cander

    Lee Cander

    5 ore fa

    Christopher Reeve worked out a lot... He was already in decent shape.

  4. Tyler Jones

    Tyler Jones

    11 ore fa

    I wish it was still Christian Bale

  5. Jesus Vera

    Jesus Vera

    12 ore fa

    He needs to go. This new Batman is gna be soft.

  6. Mr. Booga Booga Hoohaha

    Mr. Booga Booga Hoohaha

    12 ore fa

    Is that the guy who played the part of tween vampire movies?

  7. kadour kadour

    kadour kadour

    13 ore fa

    Shit maybe I should play batman instead

  8. Zacharie Leblanc

    Zacharie Leblanc

    14 ore fa

    Isn’t it settled in the contract that , like, if he takes the role he needs to workout if the prod wants him to?

  9. Brandon snow

    Brandon snow

    16 ore fa

    Greg don’t act like you don’t know what twilight is lmfao it’s ok I seen it too lol

  10. Jay Greenwald

    Jay Greenwald

    17 ore fa

    You sound like that guy on problem child the principal.....anyways steroids

  11. Kengan


    18 ore fa

    Obviously because he got cocaine habit and his gay

  12. Levi Williams

    Levi Williams

    19 ore fa

    He may have been joking....? He can exercise to be less bulky, but still....

  13. TheGamingArcher


    19 ore fa

    Batman is all about prep and fighting. How would this guy ever hope to beat Bane yell at him in soy?

  14. Rick Steinborn

    Rick Steinborn

    19 ore fa

    Wait, is this voice a joke?

  15. david behlke

    david behlke

    20 ore fa

    I could have told them he was a bad pick for Batman way before all this

  16. 666LaVey666


    21 ora fa

    Thanks for clarifying that you can read, i can too! It was quite shocking yes!

  17. Dean


    21 ora fa

    There’s nothing to take a stand against? There’s no problem to be apart of ? Since when was being healthy and in shape a problem 🧐😕🧐😕

  18. Jrad Grad

    Jrad Grad

    21 ora fa

    Fire him...

  19. Dean


    21 ora fa

    That’s what WB gets for going for a “iNdiE” actor instead of a proven action actor who has made transformation before and will make them again. Of course if u go for someone like Patterson who hasn’t got in shape for any of the weird fucked up movies he’s been in he’s not gonna get in shape for this it’s not his style never has been

  20. Christian Friedrichs

    Christian Friedrichs

    21 ora fa

    Who's also watching this while eating tuna with Tabasco out of a can?

  21. Heinrich Ivan Czarnian

    Heinrich Ivan Czarnian

    21 ora fa

    💪Since that "The Batman" will show us the youngest version of Bruce Wayne / Batman in a movie so far (in action, because Nolan shows us only fragments of his youth), it would be correct for the protagonist to be younger, right? It would help if he had a mesomorphic somatotype, wouldn't it? And above all, what if his performance had embodied an intimidating warrior, even brutal, intelligent strategist and with some serious trauma that haunts him since he was young? So, what do you think of Alex Høgh (Ivar "the boneless" in Vikings, who at 26 is 8 years younger than Pattinson): who plays #Batman in this and future films?👌👍

  22. MMA Views

    MMA Views

    23 ore fa

    Greg is basically Chael Sonnen from a multiverse



    23 ore fa

    Batman would rip out your heart and piss in the hole. Here are his strength stats from the original comics. Pattinson is being a fucking pussy. End of Story. Yes Batman worked out like a motherfucker.



    23 ore fa

    Hahaha.... didn't this guy read any Batman comics? Batman was jacked! And I guarantEE you Adam West would have trained like a beast if it was in vogue. But hey... Pattison gets to wear the gear and it makes him look jacked. Maybe he doesn't want to get roided and SARMED like Hollyweird wants him to be.

  25. Olivia


    Giorno fa

    It's shit like this that makes me respect Henry Cavill even more.

  26. Abdullah Aycan

    Abdullah Aycan

    Giorno fa

    dude i was getting suspicious that he wasnt working out. because i was searching time to time pattinson batman workout and all that. i like to see people getting jacked with efort even tho its with the help of steroids. i like pattinson but damn idiot go get jacked!

  27. Christicus 101

    Christicus 101

    Giorno fa

    I am all for him not taking roids and getting super big, as it fits with his style of the charachter. But he should at least go natty and get a decent amount of muscle for the action to be believable.

  28. T H

    T H

    Giorno fa

    god damn do you yell when you speak all the time.

  29. rishabhchawla


    Giorno fa

    So, basically Pattison says I have to wear costume. It doesn't matter costume already has muscles in that.

  30. EmilJStone


    Giorno fa

    English humour



    Giorno fa

    he better be the penguin then..

  32. Cormac Donnelly

    Cormac Donnelly

    Giorno fa

    Was clearly joking in the interview

  33. Yxung Steven

    Yxung Steven

    Giorno fa


  34. Yxung Steven

    Yxung Steven

    Giorno fa


  35. Yxung Steven

    Yxung Steven

    Giorno fa

    Its a joke he is working out

  36. Yxung Steven

    Yxung Steven

    Giorno fa

    Stop being stupiddddd

  37. Yxung Steven

    Yxung Steven

    Giorno fa

    He made a fucking joke it was a joke he is actually working out

  38. Yxung Steven

    Yxung Steven

    Giorno fa

    He made a jokeeeeeee!!!!!!

  39. dalleX88X88


    Giorno fa

    the steroids strunk his balls my god that voice.

  40. Ajith James

    Ajith James

    Giorno fa

    I think it would be a refreshing change.

  41. Mikey Flynn

    Mikey Flynn

    Giorno fa

    Theyll just cgi him like in Captain America...

  42. Jeffrey J

    Jeffrey J

    Giorno fa

    This is the new Millennial SJW soy-boy Beta Bat-Man... so Pattinson is perfect for this role....

  43. James Zbierski

    James Zbierski

    Giorno fa

    I was originally giving him the benefit of the doubt because he’s a good actor. But fuck this guy. Any hype is now ZEERRROOOOOO

  44. Sanjay Regupathy

    Sanjay Regupathy

    Giorno fa

    hes actually a really good actor, and hes been working out and eating right..this was a joke

  45. Big Daddy

    Big Daddy

    Giorno fa

    Paddington hahaha! Shots fired

  46. ssj 8

    ssj 8

    Giorno fa

    Twilight was trash

  47. David Hanula

    David Hanula

    2 giorni fa

    This is the Gilbert Godfried of swole

  48. Victor Ramstedt

    Victor Ramstedt

    2 giorni fa

    tbh coach greg would fit pretty perfect as batman

  49. BroToPro


    2 giorni fa

    they need to just cancel this movie as batman cant be batty man lol

  50. rieztra


    2 giorni fa

    I leave the link to Chris D'Elia's video here, its hilarious:

  51. Leroy Hyde

    Leroy Hyde

    2 giorni fa

    I feel there will be to much pressure for Robert Patterson playing batman..

  52. Amanda Rogers

    Amanda Rogers

    2 giorni fa

    He had the same behaviours in his other movies. They airbrushed his abs in on the Twilight movies too.

  53. Dee MO

    Dee MO

    2 giorni fa

    Some people just cant lift. Guess batman's not a bro afterall

  54. immanuel ngonge

    immanuel ngonge

    2 giorni fa

    He's just a punk lazy ass bitch trying to promote feminism in just the wrong way

  55. Joe Davenport

    Joe Davenport

    2 giorni fa

    He wants to be the Batman with a nice personality

  56. Key Notez

    Key Notez

    2 giorni fa

    Haha dude is a comedian 😂💪🏾

  57. Paul Barry

    Paul Barry

    2 giorni fa

    Im dead 120lb bat woman is bigger then him. He plays roles that macth him a simp wimp sad failure has a man. Go dress up like a a teenager girl.

  58. Majed Kassar

    Majed Kassar

    2 giorni fa

    I love this man😂😂😂

  59. Scapegoat


    2 giorni fa

    I highly doubt that Pattinson is actually serious here. A lot of people would kill for the role of Batman, they could just fire him and get someone else. Plus I think he takes acting way too seriously to slack off like that.

  60. dcltaylor


    2 giorni fa

    Get Scott Adkins to play the role of Batman

  61. dead pool

    dead pool

    2 giorni fa

    You do know that this is just Robert Pattinson playing around with you guys right? Do you really think they'd keep a guy who is refusing to do what he needs to do for the role. He is getting fit for the role, trust me. They will have him in the condition he needs for the role of Batman. And Robert Pattinson was just joking around. He is working out

  62. TransHuman


    2 giorni fa

    Batman got SJW'ed LOL.

  63. Kayla Lyons

    Kayla Lyons

    2 giorni fa

    I understand where you’re coming from because Batman in the comics looked muscular and fit but getting jacked and putting on 15 lbs of muscle is a lot of dedication and may not have been in his contract. Along with the meal plan, I agree that he is eating crap but again he may not have signed anything that obligated him to maintain a specific diet. The thing is, How jacked should Batman be in order to pass as a legitimate “Batman/Superhero”?

  64. Albert King

    Albert King

    2 giorni fa

    I don't think he wants to be batman no one has ever complained about that unless he trying to go for that Michael Keaton and Adam West look but that's not the role anymore . I agree he should know his role and at least read year one of batman if that's the role he freaking kicks a tree in half how do you accept people to believe that without muscle.

  65. Robert P

    Robert P

    2 giorni fa

    anyone else think he sounds very similar to the voice actor that did the parrot in the original disney Aladdin? Gilbert Gottfried

  66. SUP3RBO1


    2 giorni fa

    Micheal Keaton probably the best Batman and he wasn’t jacked

  67. zeake13


    2 giorni fa

    And I thought batfleck was bad......LOL

  68. The New Era Of Music

    The New Era Of Music

    2 giorni fa

    This is why Ben Affleck was the best Batman.

  69. Chelsea Nicole

    Chelsea Nicole

    2 giorni fa


  70. Oil Rig Jobs

    Oil Rig Jobs

    2 giorni fa


  71. kinglionheart450


    2 giorni fa

    Coach Gregg you are one hundred percent and to that idiot who sang that he shouldn't be working out and saying that none of the other actors back in the days didn't work out that is full Crystal fur Reeves God Rest his soul train his butt off to being Superman Michael Keaton had to get himself in cardio shape to putting on that suit and doing all the stunts he had to do because he had to be in shape he may have not been a monster big bulky guy but he was in shape for Batman Val Kilmer everyone who has played Batman had to be in shape because you are wearing a leather suit with plastic and all this other stuff and you need to be cordial and shape to be able to perform everyone who has played Batman has worked out everyone who's played Superman had to work their butts off every one of them back in the days had to have their cardio and their strength up just to be able to do these movie roles everyone worked out in the past worked out

  72. Homeless Mans 2 Cents

    Homeless Mans 2 Cents

    2 giorni fa

    Well said 😎

  73. Laviathen Latos

    Laviathen Latos

    3 giorni fa

    He's going to fuck up the revenue of the film and his very own image.. being Batman is an honor in itself and requires work

  74. Bruce Clifton

    Bruce Clifton

    3 giorni fa

    Whish I could like this video 10k times! Couldn't agree more!

  75. Bruce Clifton

    Bruce Clifton

    3 giorni fa

    Robert 'Brat-isson. What an idiot. The industry is a mess, all sjw bull

  76. B


    3 giorni fa

    I’m 39 and want to be in shape.

  77. B


    3 giorni fa

    What’s wrong with oatmeal/protein powder? I think that stuff is great!

  78. B


    3 giorni fa


  79. Travis


    3 giorni fa

    Y'all know he's just trolling right?

  80. ً


    3 giorni fa

    It’s hilarious when Americans don’t understand British humor

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